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How different can two games from the same series be?

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oracleThe Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC) vs. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

Two games. One little green guy. And some badass baddies. Oh, yeah—don’t forget a giant talking tree, either! These two games are sooo different, I couldn’t even really write a paragraph about how they’re the same. While one was a hit, the other wasn’t as hot.

In Oracle of Ages, Veran, Sorceress of Shadows, comes in and steals Nayru’s (a great singer and the titular oracle of ages) body. How did Veran get past the sacred barrier? Well, you let her in, of course. Veran takes Nayru away to the past where she will try to affect the future (present). As you go through the game, you meet a tree (the Deku tree) who helps you out, and you get a special harp for traveling through oracletime—which, when played, activates specially-located time portals hidden around the world. You can play this game and stay interested for a few weeks, but after about a week on the same problems and puzzles over and over, it begins to get boring. Then a new puzzle is introduced, and you can play for a few more days before getting bored again.

On the other hand, you’ve got Ocarina of Time. Of course, the graphics will be slightly better, because it is after all a 64-bit system. The N64 game’s controls also seem slightly easier to use. In this game, you start in a town living in a Deku tree, the only boy without a guardian fairy. Then it cuts to a scene with the Deku tree (guardian of this town) talking to one of the fairies (Navi). Of course, they decide that it’s time for the boy without a fairy (you) to begin his journey. This is when Navi becomes your fairy. You also find out that you’re the youth destined to lead Hyrule to justice. And, of course, truth. So then, we find out the Deku tree is soon to expire, and Navi runs off in search of Link (you). This is when you get control of your character. This game managed to hold my attention much much longer—all the way to the end in fact—though in the beginning it seemed slightly boring. You get various weapons as you play through, and eventually, you come across the Deku tree. The whole point of this game seems to be that you’re supposed to save the Princess Zelda from the evil Ganondorf. This game seems to have a better plotline, and the music and sound in this game is absolutely awesome!

These two games, though from the same series and with similar characters, have two totally different plotlines. Personally, I found Ocarina of Time to have better graphics, sound, and a better plotline by a lot.

Winner: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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