Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Matt Wright

Matt Wright's top 10 favorite videogames.

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GameCola fans and writers describe their favorite (and sometimes least favorite) games of all time.

Matt Wright’s Top 10 Favorite Videogames

10. Kung Fu (NES): This was the very first video game I owned, so it takes a special place in my heart.  I know it’s a very simple game (punch, kick, repeat) but, I’ll never forget when I first beat the big guy on the third level (name escapes me!), I ran down to the park (about 2 kilometres [1.2428 miles for those who use this confusing system!!!]) to tell my mum who was walking the dog at the time (I was only 7!!  Give me a break!!) :).

9. Final Fantasy VII (PSX): The one and only reason I bought a PlayStation.  I’d never played a Final Fantasy game before, but I’d heard amazing things about this game!  I was absolutely GLUED to the ruddy TV for about 2 months… Thing is, I got right to the end, with maybe 15 minutes of playing to go, and my memory card got stolen!!!!! GOD DAMMIT!! :).

8. Excitebike (NES): Another very simple game (weren’t most of them back in the day??) which had me well and truly hooked!!!  I especially loved how you could make your own tracks, then laugh your ass off at your mate desperately trying to get anywhere on them!! (Not that I could either, the way I made them!!)


7. Perfect Dark (N64): This game, to me and my girlfriend, was about as addictive as addictive could be.  A typical day would be, we wake up and play a bit of PD, I go to work, come back for lunch, but instead play PD, go back to work, then, when I get home, play a LOT more PD!!  In between all this we had to eat, sleep, and do all the other things associated with life, but, whenever we could, we’d play Perfect Dark.  Bring on the sequel!!!!!

6. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES): The very first Zelda game I ever played.  Yes I know, I’m deprived of having played the original NES Zelda’s, but I was too busy playing my number 1 game!  I absolutely loved this game.  I remember people complained that it was too easy as they provided a tips mini-booklet with the game, but did anyone hold a gun to your head and force you to read it????  NO!!  I LOVE this sort of game, roaming around towns, talking to people with quests and such in between.  I get so absorbed it’s not funny!!

5. Tetris (GBO): Hands up who owned an original Game Boy and DIDN’T own this game?  Nope, didn’t think there’d be many of you :).  One of the smartest moves Nintendo ever made was to include this with their beloved green-screener.  I’ve never known a game with replay value like this!!  It’s amazing fun, and an absolute BASTARD on the hard settings (well you HAVE got .2 of a second to decide where each piece is going to go!!!).  Portable gaming at its finest!

4. Faxanadu (NES): What amazes me, is the whole reason I bought this game, is I saw an ad for it on TV, that played about 2 seconds of the title screen and the music that went along with it!!!!  I had NO idea that this game would guide my gaming choices into the RPG lover that I am now!!  It’s astoundingly massive (for its time) and about as deep as any game could back then.  I just KNOW someone out there is saying “OH, but what about XXX game?  THAT was WAY deeper than Faxanadu!!”  Well, I don’t care what you think!!  This is MY Top Ten Dammit!!!!!  Fine, FINE GAME!!


3. Super Monkey Ball (GCN): GOD DAMN THIS GAME!!!!  I’ve never known any like this!!  It’s such a simple idea, but it’s SO GOD DAMN ADDICTIVE!!!!  And the minigames, don’t get me started!!!  I really want to find Monkey Ball 2 but I can’t find it ANYWHERE over here (bloody Australia!!).  I swear to God, some of the later levels, will make me tear my frigging hair out if I don’t master them soon!!!

2. Ultima VII (PC): Now THIS, is a deep game!!  Yes, I know, it’s not a VIDEO game as such, as it’s on the PC, but it was on the Super NES so there!!  As previously mentioned, I love any game where you can wander around at your own leisure, talking to people, doing mini-tasks and generally whatever you want, HEAVEN!!!!  I love everything to do with Knights and Ye Olde times, so this game has kept me coming back for many, many years now (even if it IS only to wander around and kill guards for their weaponry) :).

1. Metroid (NES): What can I say?  The BEST adventure game of its time (and for many years after its release!!).  The unparalled freedom, the powerups, the music!!  The excitement of finding the High Jump boots and trying to remember all the places you can FINALLY reach!!  The joy of being able to freeze the bloody enemies instead of killing them (unless you have to for energy/rockets).  I swear, some of the tunes for the levels are the best ever written for a video game!  They never get boring even if you’re stuck on a level for hours on end!!  How many games could claim THAT sort of quality back then?  Not many mesfinks…. Plus I think it’s the first example of equal rights for women in a video game!!  Proving that a woman can kick just as much ass as a man can!!  I’ll never forget the day I finally beat the ‘Brain, I nearly jumped through the roof with joy!!  Seriously, hands down, the BEST game I have ever played!!  And all in less than half a megabyte!!! :).

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