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Favorite Part of the Last Issue

My favorite part of this issue was when there were reviews about games that WEREN’T shooters. Also, why didn’t that fan animation go into testgame? You should take The Lizo’s job. She s0x0r my r0x… I mean… nvm.

Also, you should warn people before you publish slash fiction. I’m highly offended, and now I have to burn my eyes out. Thanks a lot.

– NOT Lizo

I liked the review for Halo, because of it’s unprofessional, yet engaging, style of expression.

– Dan Rodman

Wow, this is actually really tough. The GameCola Fanfic was incredible, but I’m actually going to have to go with the interview with the talking skull. As an aspiring voice actor about to start doing just what he says not to “take a bunch of voice classes to avoid actually auditioning” I found his advice helpful and the responses amusing. Plus, I’m secretly in love with Murray.

Anyway, I like this form thing too, much easier than sending e-mails, though I would anyway because I neeed some advice from Clarissa about boys! Choose me!

– Heather

I enjoyed the review of Animal Crossing because that game rocks.

Please send me the Clarissa book, because I am totally clueless about boys and have always trusted Clarissa’s advice.

– Michael Kazwell

Terrence Atkins’ Letter Last Month

I never called Zack Huffman a liar at all. If you really want to know what I said you can read this: 

I love Zack Huffman’s review of Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. I liked how he made up the whole part about Lara Croft trying to get a magical baby’s cradle that will rejuvenate her and that she will have to fight Santa Claus and Hitler along the way. 
(This is in the archive for Volume 4, Issue 8: August 2005)

I personally don’t see the word liar in any of this letter. I was even saying I liked the part so I wasn’t calling him a liar I was telling them that I  liked that part of the issue.

– Sam Evert

The Paul/Matt Slash Fic

Dear Mr. Franzen:

I was very disturbed to read the article “GameCola Fanfiction”. While I envision my son falling asleep at midnight with textbooks still in his hands, having forgotten to eat he was so busy studying for his intense academic classes, this article led me to believe he may be up all night playing computer and video games, which he assured me would not be happening. What is a mother to believe?? And what about all this handholding and crying??? I am beginning to think I may be wasting my extremely hard-earned money on a college education comprised of gaming??? Please tell me this isn’t true!!!! 

Pat Gardner

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