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Dear Readers,

Why wasnt tehre a Versus mode?

– Father Time

Paul: Hell if I know! It was assigned, but the people it was assigned to never wrote it.


I dont need any help eric thanks!

– Father Time

Matt F.’s review of Mission: Impossible – Operation Surma

The n64 mission impossible was pretty good

– Father Time

Matt F.:  Oh hell yeah, that game was great. But a N64 Mission Impossible, this ain’t.

Travis’ review of Star Fox Adventure

Travis: Eep! I hadn’t read the What the Craps article before. Maybe I should so some more research next time.

I bet it would have been beter without the dinosaurs

– Father Time

Nice review =]

– xbenji65

Paul’s review of Zoo Tycoon DS

WHY did you SHOT so much??

– Father Time

Perhaps you should have put Memo 2 first and Memo 1 second. And also Memo 3 BEFORE the ratings?

– Matt F.

Or tell her it was your evil twin, Paulo. Damn that Paulo! DAMN HIM!!!

– Steve

Haha! Way to keep your ass out of the fire, Paul!

– Travis

Be Careful What You Search For

do you have a coloring book

– Anonymous

Digital Championship Wrestling

I dont know who saurka is, sorry

– Father Time

Paul: Me either.

… of the Month

Well honestly i dont really have a problem with 10s, most of those games look pretty perfect to me

– Father Time

How should I justify my scores for my Forza review? Specifically, the 10 I gave it for control. Well, as an avid driver who has built and raced a lot of cars and probably has more track time than most people have spent playing Super Mario World, I whole-heartedly stand behind that rating. The physics engine in that game is SPOT-ON, and I’ll go to the mat against anyone who says different, because they probably wouldn’t know the difference between a sway bar and a candy bar.

That being said, I don’t think I’ve thrown the 10s out very often. So when I do chose to I usually have a damn good reason. You may want to put your blinders on for when I review Forza 2 when that comes out, because if it doesn’t change much you’ll probably see another 10 in control.

– Joel

I can justify my 10 for novelty in the Neverhood review. Have you ever seen a game made out of clay before that?

– Matt F.

I gave Lost in Blue a 10 for controls because I can’t imagine them being any better. Directional pad to run around, poke at the screen to do stuff (or pushing buttons, if you prefer that sort of thing). There’s nothing I can think of that’s bad about them, so I guess that’s my justification.

– Lizo

I’m not going to flat out say I loathe 10s, but I think we publish them, and other similarly high scores, far too often. I think that, in general, I’m hard-to-please when it comes to game reviews, and I wish our other reviewers would be, too, because it makes it that much more meaningful when we do give a game a high score. High scores don’t mean a whole lot when everything is getting 10s.

It is, however, entirely possible—and likely, actually—that the reason our scores tend to be so high is because we’re paying for most of these games ourselves, and we’re not about to buy something we know to be crappy.

Still, I think if GameCola had a reputation as a newsletter that’s hard-to-please, it would, at the very least, set us apart from most commercial game publications, with whom 7 is considered average so they’re able to give pieces of crap respectable-looking scores, and thus not piss off the advertisers. I think the fact that we’re not bound to please any publishers should work more in our advantage than it has been.

– Paul

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