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0wning the Competition (5-9)

Is this how a digital revolution starts? Or ends? I wonder...

- Gina Holechko

Paul’s review of Zoo Tycool DS (5-10)

My boyfriend bought me Whiplash for my birthday…I feel your pain acutely. Otherwise, I never laughed my ass off so hard at a gaming review since Game Informer was not edited by Andy McNamara.

- Gina Holechko

Low-Rent Adventures in Japan (5-11)

So you are saying that I would be very happy in Japan...?
- Gina Holechko

What the Crap?s (5-11)

You didn’t the ultimate crapiness of Bloodrayne and Dungeons and Dragons the movie…oh yes…oh yes…you think Silent Hill was bad! Silent Hill was at least weird.

- Gina Holechko

Dear Readers,

Street Cred isn’t born of FF games, man. It comes from the old school – Mario, Zork, King’s Quest, LSL, Sonic, the 2600, etc. The FF series is awesome, but it’s not the be-all-end-all of gaming.

– Steve

Paul :Well of course it ain’t! I don’t mean to say that playing a handful of FF games makes anyone a godly gamer—just that it seems like something most gamers should at least try.

Zelda games would be another given..

– xbenji65

Good choice on final fantasy 7 everyone also needs to play halo i think

– Father Time

Matthew F.’s review of Recoil

If you think sean conery is good what do you thingk of the new bond

– Father Time

Matthew F.: I need to see him in an actual film first, but to me, he doesn’t really have the air of James Bond, which Connery, Moore, Bronsan etc. had. I think he’ll be like Dalton: a transition Bond who’ll do two movies and piss off.

Paul’s review of The Shivah

Man, I gotta get my hands on this shit!

– Stealth Rabbi

Matt G.’s review of .hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth

So do i have to play the virst dot hack first? lol

– Father Time

Eric: OK FATHER TIME, you know virst is not a damn word. Can you take three seconds to see what you write before you hit post!

Be Careful What You Search For

I NEED a shirt of that poop one. Make it happen, p-dawg.


That poo one actually pwns. I’d probably even buy a shirt of that.

…if I had money.

– Kevin

Yes i too wou d buy that shirt

– Father Time

The Gates of Life

I think i like the streebs!!!

– Father Time

testgame.exe: Making the Adventure

How come you arent finsihed this yet

– Father Time

Digital Championship Wrestling

Where the heck is super thumbs my eric??

– Father Time

Eric? Where are you eric!!

– Father Time

HEy eric i dont know about this Father Time guy but id sure like to see soemt super thumbsas well!

– Papa Tiempo

Eric: I’m not sure I’ll have the strength this month after having to read through all of your horrible posts, Timeo.

0wning the Competition

I’m SCARRED for life. Damn you.

– Eric

who’s paying 4-figure numbers for virtual land? Furries. Look it up. They wouldn’t offer it if people weren’t paying.

And amazingly enough, people really are making serious money off the game. I have a friend that has some casinos in the game and I know of some people who design SL toys and clothes that sell well enough that they actually pay real-world rent and bills. There’s a few success stories of people making enough to quit real jobs.

I don’t have the patience for it myself. If I was some kind of programming guy and an artist that could design game trinkets that people would buy, then maybe.

– jojo

…of the Month

0.5. Sense: Do you make it?

– Colin

Matt: Is that a rhetorical question?

Dual wield is not mostly for n00bies!

– Eric

0.4 weird you have a LOT of it!

– Father Time

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