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WELCOME! This is the latest, greatest and absolute best version of THE SUPER THUMBS you will be viewing this month!  We're coming back strong after a month of pixilated awesomeness that I thought co

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WELCOME! This is the latest, greatest and absolute best version of THE SUPER THUMBS you will be viewing this month!  We’re coming back strong after a month of pixilated awesomeness that I thought could never be topped. Well, it is about to be TOPPED! I just can’t believe how the THUMBS just keep out-doing themselves month after month! They are on such a roll it should be outlawed, I say! OUTLAWED!

God of War 2 (PS2)

God of War was a pretty popular, if overhyped, game.  Now, that doesn’t mean it’s not good! It is a very entertaining and short game. The second installment in its series is no different.  God of War 2 has much of the same gameplay found in the first—running around, killing stuff and solving puzzles on your way to complete your epic mission.  However, there are many new things added in as well.


First off, the magic has…NEW NAMES! OMG! OK, OK, it’s not all that special, but there are some new useful spells, which is quite an upgrade from the one spell that was of any use in the first game.  Also, new weapons have been added: a hammer and a spear. While the default weapons are super amazing and useful for everything, it’s nice to have options.  There are also many other kinds of items added to the game, but they’re just used to move along the plot and add in new kinds of puzzles. Also, there are a lot more epic battles wherein you kill or defeat various legendary members of Greek mythology, and that’s always fun!  This game improves upon the already highly epic feel of this first game and is a pretty good sequel.

The main downfall of the game is that they added a lot more parts where you just watch and have to hit the right button at the right moment. These parts, as always, feel more like your watching a game than playing it. Also, these are a pain in the ass sometimes and require multiple tries for the hand-eye coordination-impaired, such as myself.  Overall, though, fun game!

Captain Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War (PC)

Warhammer 40k is a somewhat popular tabletop game. I mean, maybe it’s somewhat popular—I HAVE heard of it ,so that makes it popular in my eyes!  This is a computerized real-time strategy version of that game, and it’s probably both a lot like and nothing like the tabletop version of the game. That’s just how computer games work!

war1This RTS has a few cool differences from most other RTS’s, which is good, because, without the cool little differences, they all look alike! First off, resource-gathering is much less tedious and requires far fewer worker bees to get going.  In this game, you capture spots on the battlefield to gain your main resource and then build power generators for the secondary resource, and that’s all she wrote! One good point of a system like this is you don’t have to worry about what you need to build in order to create what you want.

This game also features other win conditions besides just destroying your opponent: You can capture over 60% of the points on the map, or just 50% of the critical locations.  Another neat feature is that your units can reinforce themselves—that is, create more of themselves up to their max. This helps you not have to constantly build new units to replace the lost ones, if you’re actually winning your battles as such. Pretty handy!

All in all, however, it is still a RTS.  If you’re not a fan of the genre, you probably won’t like it.  Most Warhammer 40k fans will probably want to check it out, though. GOOD TIMES!

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Up!

Rakion (PC)

Rakion sounds like a cool idea at first. An RPGish action online game! OOOh yeah! Sounds nice. Even going through the tutorial you may think that the game is shaping up to be fun! Yes, well, then you realize that, unless you count mindless repetitive tasks as fun, this probably won’t be all that fun.  ra1Now that doesn’t mean you wont like it; I mean, like 99% of all online games are just mindless repetitive taskness—especially the free ones! But it does mean you really SHOULDN’T enjoy this.

The game is basically just bashing stuff in a few different areas over and over again, either solo or with a friend. Sure, you may end up looking cool or being and to summon cooler things to help you, but in the end it’s still just bashing stuff endlessly.  I’m not sure how long that can stay fun. Well, actually, that is a lie; I KNOW that it can only stay for for 16.736 minutes. Any game that can’t even stay fun for 16.8 minutes is just not worth my time. SORRY!

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb says… Thumbs Down.

.hack//G.U. vol. 1//Rebirth (PS2)

So if you love RPGs, it is mandated you love this game. Pretty weird that it would be mandated like that, but, well, the game’s just that good, so you have to like it and that’s just life. DEAL WITH IT.  G.U. is the new .hack series on the block, and it is even more fun than the first series. For starters, the combat hack1system is much cooler. Like Grandia-battle-system-level cool. Everyone knows Grandia has the COOLEST battle system, and this one is JUST as cool! AMAZING!

So other than the really fun battle system, the game keeps intact the cool features of the original .hack titles, like the gates to go everywhere and the different classes of your companions, and all of that. It also removes the annoying aspects of the other .hacks, like the virus cores deadly data drains.  Overall, it is a major upgrade over the original series, which was very fun itself.  So, yeah, no wonder it was mandated that everyone love this! And if you don’t, well, I guess you could go back to playing Halo.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumbs says… Thumbs up!

Rumble Fighter (PC)

Now this game was only in beta when I played it, so I probably shouldn’treport on it, but whatever. It’ll be out soon enough, and it was fun.  It pretty much is an online fighting game where you and up to eight other people slug it out in a overly cute anime-ish environment.  There are different classes that slightly change your fighting style.

Being an online game, there really isn’t a story or anything.  The downfalls of the game are like with any online game: mainly, the lag, which is fine at times and really horrible at times. You know, inconsistent—just the way lag likes it.  It is a fun casual game that can be played for a few hours or just a few minutes at a time. Once it REALLY comes out, it should be a blast! HUZZAH.

Captain Eric’s Super Thumbs says… Thumbs Up!

Well that concludes the shockingly amazing edition of he Thumbs. I know it’s hard to use the phraseshockingly amazing in a article that is just so PACKED with quality in EVERY SINGLE edition; yet, I did, AND not only did I to it, it fits! Be sure to come back next month when, undoubtedly, you will once again be blown away by the truly masterful work EVERYONE calls THE THUMBS.

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