Wreck-It Ralph is Becoming a Problem

He's appearing in the new Sonic Racing game. What's the world coming to?

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According to many sources, the character Wreck-It Ralph, from the upcoming Disney animation of the same name, is going to appear in the 3DS and PlayStation Vita versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. What’s the world coming to?

Your childhood, I’m Gonna Wreck-It!

There is something that really bothers me about this news. Ralph is designed to be a fake videogame character, but he is now appearing in a videogame as an actual videogame character. I don’t know; that really just doesn’t sit well with me.

What next, a playable cameo from a real-life NASCAR racer?


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  1. I love the title of this article, and how two websites qualify as “many sources.” I had some qualms about Solid Snake appearing in Smash Bros. Brawl, so it sounds like I’ll have to steer REAAAAL clear of this one.

    1. I reckon he’s in the portable ones because they’re more sort of geared towards kids?

      A Nintendo character in a cross-platform Sega game like this, nah, wouldn’t happen. But why not for Wii U/ Wii? You make a valid point about his real life counterpart being the same game, that would probably make the console divide by zero.

  2. Doesn’t he end up in a racing game in the actual movie? But that wouldn’t be this game, unless the this game is supposed to be the gamethat he got into but then that would mean that this the movie is happening now or was based on real events but then it would be about the future because it hadn’t happened yet and then I have no idea where that came from or where it was going so I’ll stop now.

  3. Eh, it’s no worse than when they made that Van Helsing movie, which was essentially Castlevania The Movie, then made a game based off that.

  4. …Or maybe the deal was “We’ll let you use our licensed characters in your movie but, as a videogame based on your movie is entirely impossible, what with all the licensed characters from various companies, we want to make at least one game where your character appears so that this previously non-existent character has at least a little real-world precedent for interacting with our peeps”?

    I mean, it’s just a guess, but I’d say it’s a very likely one.

    I’m on the fence about Solid Snake in SSBM. I mean, I like that Nintendo opened the door for characters that are not necessarily Nintendo-created to join the fray. I’m tempted to say that he doesn’t really fit in with the rest of mostly Nintendo crew but, I mean, to be fair, does Captain Falcon really fit in? He does *now*, because, thanks to the original SSB, we can’t imagine a Smash Bros game without ol’ “SHOW ME YER MOVES” but let’s not pull punches:

    He’s a race car driver. AND HOOVERAMA SAID NO TO RACE CAR DRIVERS.

    Well, alright, he’s a video game race car driver but, seriously, he sticks out a bit compared to the original SSB roster – a full grown muscular dude amongst pink puffballs, plumbers, Pikachu and other characters who elude my desire for further alliteration. At least in Melee, they gave him a stronger but slower clone in the form of Ganondorf who absolutely *does* fit in with the rest of the roster but that created a whole new problem-

    Why is Ganondorf suddenly a martial arts expert? Where’s that awesome sword that he swings in his win pose? Where’s the magickal projectiles that he seems far better known for? I mean, I love Warlock Punching my foes into the next postal code as much as the next guy but if you were gonna just make a stronger / slower clone of someone, I’d think Zelda might be a better fit in terms of character congruency.

    Anyways…. I’m getting way off track here.

    One appearance here or there, I don’t have a problem with Ralph. Should it escalate beyond that, I’m more than happy to re-evaluate my position.

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