CONTEST: Maid RPG Giveaway!

Do you like maids? Do you like RPGs? Then, this is the contest for you!

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Maid RPG is returning to the GameCola Podcast in the near future. Before that happens, we’re holding a Maid RPG contest!

The contest rules are simple.  All you have to do is create your own maid character. Post a description of your character in the comments (or email it to us), and you could win one of these fabulous prizes!

Second Place: A picture of your maid!
First Place: A shoutout in the GameCola Maid RPG.
Grand Prize: A free copy of Maid RPG, signed by Andy Kitkowski, the game’s producer!


Those are some amazing prizes, right? The deadline for the competition is Friday, July 26! Send in your entries before then, and you could win!

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  1. Captain Hawkwidow Lokithor Bannerstark . Long black hair with a blonde highlight. Tall and muscular (but in a girlish way).
    Her outfit is a black dress, which is knee length, and has a belt at the waist with the black widow symbol as the buckle. She has a red cape with her bow and arrows over her shoulder. On her head is a gold headband with small horns coming out of them like Loki’s helmet. In the center of her chest is a blue glowing circle like Iron Man’s. When she’s really really really mad she turns into an enormous, green rage monster. She has a watch that shares the same design as Captain America’s shield. Her job as maid is to protect her master from unknown things from the nine realms. She comes from the maid agency of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  2. Hey, you guys probably don’t remember me but I used to ask stuff in listener mail quite a bit. I was the guy who in his first question couldn’t spell and had questionable grammar if that helps jog your memory. But now I’m just rambling, well just wanted to say I still listen and thought this looked like fun ^_^

    The maid’s name is Amea.
    She has light blonde hair around shoulder length. Her uniform is an elegant black dress with a white apron. Her duties include cooking, cleaning the house, and the protection of her master. If she sees any potential threat to her master she will do all in her power to protect him from it, which has resulted in more than one fatalities through out the course of her employment. She is very harsh and cruel to the other servants if they make even the tiniest of mistakes or insults, but she acts stoic in the presence of her master even if mistreated or insulted.

    Basically she only wants what’s best for her master no matter what but is prideful and refuses to overstep the boundaries of the relationship between her master and herself

  3. Milana di Celea, serving Jakob Apodyktyczny(don’t bother, I can’t either) in southern Poland. Originally from northern Italy, her family fell upon hard times and Milana was forced to seek employment however she could. After failed attempts at different jobs throughout Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic, she found a niche as a waiter at the high-class restaurant of Grzywna Kuchnia in Krakow. She was discovered by Jakob Apodyktyczny, a young playboy, who was suitably impressed by her skills and looks that he offered her a job as his personal maid. Upon her acceptance, Milana took up residence in Jakob’s mansion a few miles from Krakow, sharing a wing with Jakob’s German butler, Alois Kriffen. Milana, unlike the grumpy Alois, enjoys working for Jakob, earning a high wage for herself. She does not, however, enjoy the French maid costume Jakob often makes her wear. She much prefers simple, everyday clothing: a blouse and skirt for the Polish summer, long pants and sheepskin coat for winter. She’s always been proud of her long, soft brown hair, reaching down to about the ends of her shoulder blades. She isn’t so fond of the thick glasses she requires; you’re more likely to find her wearing contact lenses. It’s no wonder why Jakob, being a mere 24 years old, asked her to work for him; she has a very nice body for a woman her age (25 herself) which I abjectly refuse to detail. She has a soft-spoken, fairly kind personality, but she is not above the occasional needling of her master or Alois, who she calls the old man of the house(being a frightfully old 29, of course) and she can turn incredibly angry at hypocrisy and sexism. She is an avid reader, especially science-fiction and political satires. She loves the Italian fish dishes of the area near the French border where she grew up. She is Milana di Celea.

  4. Rosey the robot is the maid and housekeeper of the Jetson family. She was hired by Jane Jetson because she was free the first day . Rosey was popular with the children when George arrive home. He was worried since his boss, Mister Spacely was coming for dinner and they only had scraps. However, Rosey managed to make food that impressed Mister Spacely; When Mister Spacely saw they could afford to hire a maid he was furious at George Jetson, since he had been told by him that they were poor. Rosey got angry at Mister Spacely and shoved a cake onto his head . George got angry at Rosey and told her to leave. Rosey headed to the junk heap. George recevied a call from Mister Spacely, who had liked the taste of the cake. When George told him he had fired Rosey,Mister Spacely told him specifically to get her back. Does it count if I stole this from wikipedia?

    1. I think you’re good to go! Don’t get mad if you win the picture of this maid, and I just steal it from Wikipedia.

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