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The 2013 GameCola Videogame Awards are coming up at the end of the month, and we want YOU to participate! Yes, you, the reader! No, don’t look behind you. We really want you to vote!

GameCola HQ has been buzzing with excitement as we prepare for the big ceremony, and we figured we should include the GameCola Faithful in on the festivities this year. The list of games is taken from the actual nominations submitted by the GameCola staff for Game of the Year. You get to vote for Game of the Year just like the staff does! This also means you get a sneak peek at what names you may be seeing during our big to-do, but hopefully the winners will still be a surprise.

Voting is open until midnight on Friday, January 24th. All you have to do is submit your response on the little form below:

6 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 106 votes, average: 6.83 out of 10 (You need to be a registered member to rate this post.)

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  1. “… on the little form below.” Do you mean this form? Okay…

    I was going to say Thomas was alone was the best game of 2013, except it was released in 2010. Then I was going to say mari0, but that was released in 2012. Hmm…

    I guess I’ll have to vote for 999: VLR. That was released in 2013, right?

    1. It looks like Virtue’s Last Reward came out in 2012! According to Wikipedia, at least.

      As for the form, there should be a poll that says “2013 GameCola’s Readers’ Choice” immediately below the text telling you to vote. If you don’t see the poll, though, you can leave a comment using the list here:

      BioShock Infinite
      Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
      Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies
      Pokemon X and Y
      Tomb Raider

      1. My browser plugin (Ghostery) blocked the poll javascript. Now I see it!

        You’re right, I remember now that GameCola managed to finish releasing their playthrough of 999 just before 999: VLR was released. Thanks for doing the poll!

  2. These are some TERRIBLE candidates… (Not Terrible games, just terrible picks).

    Castle of Illusion is a good remake.. but of a 1990 game and Starbound is in EARLY ACCESS still and hasn’t been released.

    How do you have an unreleased game be in the running for game of the year?

    A few greats that were overlooked apparently from 2013:
    -Super Mario 3D World
    -Path of Exile
    -Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
    -Grand Theft Auto 5
    -Animal Crossing New Leaf
    -The Last of Us

    1. These are games that multiple staff members nominated to be on the list. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the staff to agree on what games are good…! And, then the games that they do agree on end up being odd ones.

      It may be odd, but I kind of prefer it to just seeing a repeat of what most other sites have already said.

      1. Not to mention a lot of the games listed (Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, and GTA V namely) got a decent amount of votes, they just happened to have lost out to other choices.

        1. Well, keep in mind that the list here is only the list for Game of the Year as nominated by the GameCola staff. Other games were nominated for other categories, but I didn’t include those here. The list you see is every game that got more than one nomination for Game of the Year.

          … Which is to say that a number of games got nominated for Best PC or Console Game, Best Story, Best New Character… But, didn’t make it on the Game of the Year list.

    2. In my eyes, if anyone can pay money on Steam and just straight up and buy a game, then it’s as good as released. It may be called “Early Access,” but there’s no distinction between this game and any other game besides the fact that they’ll add new content (something even fully released games still do). It’s a grey area, if anything, in our modern gaming distribution system.

  3. Well, that’s kinda unfair, of course Ace Attorney will win on a GC poll.

    But minor joking aside, from the options listed, I’d say Pokémon was the one I enjoyed the most.

  4. No Fire Emblem: Awakening? Awww. 🙁

    Guess I have to go with Pokemon X/Y, since it’s the only one I’ve played out of those six.

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