GC Podcast #83: The Easter Fools’ Birthday Cast!

There's a surprising number of holidays to celebrate in this podcast!

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April is a month of holidays, here at GameCola! Not only was it April Fools’ Day on the first, and not only is it Easter Sunday today, but it’s GameCola’s birthday on the 22nd! What a time to be alive.

To celebrate all three of these holidays at once, Alex Jedraszczak, Anna Bryniarski, and Joseph Martin joined forces on March 26th to make this podcast! Together, they talk about such exciting holiday podcast topics as:

  • What’s everyone’s favorite Easter games?
  • … Are there even Easter games?
  • OK, what’s everyone’s favorite videogame Easter eggs?
  • Oh, hey, it’s also Anna’s birthday this month! Happy birthday, Anna!
  • Animal cruelty.
  • Super Mario Galaxy is eight years old.
  • Would GameStop accept a first-generation Game Boy if you tried to sell it to them?
  • Jeddy’s experiences at the 1999 Pokémon League Summer Training Tour
  • Remember that time that Anna killed CHAOS with a shirt?
  • Anna can’t tell if she hears music or a printer.
  • Long-awaited fanmail! I’M SORRY CARMEN.
  • Should Let’s Players be able to make a living on their videos?
  • Are there any foods seen in games that you’d want to eat in real life?
  • What are some good chiptune game OSTs?
  • How long has the podcast even been around?!
  • When is a game not video enough for GameCola? Would Digimon count? What about Atmosfear?!

If you’re prepared for that much holiday celebration packed into one podcast, sit yourself down and give that button a click!

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Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.


  1. I’ve been forgetting to send in e-mails for the podcast for a while, sorry about that.

    A live playing of “Five is Average” by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier would be interesting, indeed.

    1. I was saying the song was by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier, not he’s the one performing it live.

      It sounds confusing.

  2. I’d be very down with listening to an Earthbound RPGCast. Although, the game is pretty long… If it’s pulled off at all, I’d be very impressed.

    Tomodachi Life’s food looks VERY good. That might be because they’re photographs of it. Anyways, I’d eat that. And speaking of chiptune music, look up Tomodachi Quest’s music. It has a pretty nice soundtrack.

    1. Fine, fine…I’ll start writing one…

      We did Crystalis and Final Fantasy without needing to go through the whole game, so we could do a similarly abbreviated romp through Eagleland. OH. I know exactly what we’re going to do. BWAHAHA!!!

  3. So, what. Has nobody found the Easter egg yet?! Or, were you so excited about finding it that you forgot to comment about it?

    1. I tweeted about turning to page 32 on twitter, but I forgot to mention it in the comments thread itself.

      Just like I’ve forgotten to send in fan e-mails for awhile.

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