[NSFW] GC Podcast #100: Part 2-Seems Like Only Yesterday

The Podcast #100 celebration continues with old-timers Alex Jedraszczak, Nathaniel Hoover, and Mike Ridgaway!

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GameColas-Time-MachinePodcast #100 continues! Not every podcast makes it to episode 100, so to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re reliving the three eras of podcast we’ve gone through—classical, modern, and post-modern/contemporary.

In Part 2, Alex Jedraszczak, Nathaniel Hoover, and Mike Ridgaway bring back the elements that really made the podcast’s Jeddy Era what it was. They discuss such topics as:

  • Mike’s hatred of Nickelodeon’s Doug
  • What’s changed since the podcast started?
  • Livestreams with the face of the person livestreaming
  • We do things nobody else does and we celebrate that
  • Mike Ridgaway is an old fuddy-duddy elitist who doesn’t understand kids these days
  • Growing older and still trying to like gaming and general nerdery
  • Being a completionist in the era of Achievements
  • We’ve spent too much time on-topic—Let’s talk about the good ol’ days of Napster and misattributed music
  • How do people find GameCola? (Hint: Most people search for “NES porn games”)
  • Why do people STAY at GameCola?
  • Hey! We’re talking to you, the listener! What makes YOU listen? Let us know!
  • Home Alone could have easily been part of the Saw franchise
  • We’re in the Cool 100 Club, now! Are we going to be compared to other podcasts with 100 episodes?!

And, that’s just the summary! If you’ve got an hour or so, click that button below—or go check us out on iTunes if you want to listen later. Do people still use iTunes? However you like to listen, don’t miss out on Part 2 of our big Podcast #100 celebration!

Special Saxophone version of Meteo’s “Five is Average” played by SaxDudeMaloyS26

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Since 2007

Alex "Jeddy" Jedraszczak is presiding Editor-in-Chief at GameCola, not only editing content but often writing it as well. On top of all this GameCola work, he also develops indie games.


  1. Two things:

    1) I love that we both talked about Nickelodeon within the first five minutes of the podcast.


    1. I think “talking about Nicktoons instead of videogames” was a defining feature of the early podcasts, so it’s only fitting that both of the podcasts started that way.

  2. OMG THIS IS MY FIRST TIME COMMITMENTING ON GAMECOLA WEBSITE! Sorry got existed there to answer the question of why I stay on gamecola. I love listening to the fun things on the podcasts. It always exciting to hear the sometimes weird/funny thing you guys talk. I love being able to do something (most likely playing video games) while listening to the podcasts.

  3. Kudos to Nathaniel for discovering you can complete a game on your own terms and still have a sense of achievement. I wonder if Backloggery has an achievement creation system…

    Sorry, I’ll stop doing all those searches! But seriously, it wouldn’t surprise me if most of them were generated by spiders.

    Jeddy is probably correct – I don’t recall but I probably found this site due to Phoenix Wright and I return to these to hear focused or passionate discussion. #Lycos #Earthbound #RPGCast

    (Also, you could listen to all three parts of the Centennial Podcast simultaneously if you can’t decide which order to hear them in.)

  4. re: iTunes, I don’t think people still use the iTunes desktop application to listen to music (and I don’t think they EVER used it to listen to podcasts); but the feed itself is helpful. I can’t speak for GameCola fans, specifically, but I think most people use a podcast app on their phones to listen to podcasts, so if the feed’s broken, they’re not getting the show.

    (They can listen to it on YouTube of course, but–for example, if someone listens to 30 other shows through a podcast app, they’re not going to go out of their way to listen to one show that’s only available on YouTube.)

    1. Actually, I DO still use iTunes to listen to all the GC podcasts; other than the actual website posts and scrolling through the long list of files on the FTP, iTunes is the only other way I know how to listen in! I’m terrible at using feeds for anything, what have I been missing?

      1. The feed’s easiest for me personally! I don’t like listening to podcasts at my computer; I’m usually running or driving or doing chores or something; so I plug the feed into the podcast app on my phone and the GameCola staff (plus the million other podcasts I listen to) come along with me.

  5. Came for the videogames, stayed because of the people. That’s what I love about this site, you guys are my friends, and you’re all just as important to me as friends I see every day. GameCola is more important to me than I ever thought it would be.

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