This Day in GameCola History: April 7th

Warning: Younger readers may find the archaic topics discussed in this article confusing and disturbing.

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April 7th is a day of remembrance, and today we’ll be taking you on a trip down memory lane with such old-timey ideas as Farmville, Blockbuster, and a ten-minute max on YouTube videos. Oh, how times have changed—but you can still remember how things used to be with our April 7th celebration!

A warning to those unfamiliar, however: As the universe suddenly came into existing from the unfathomable nothingness some time in late 2009, things begin to get a bit weird the further you go back. If you see things that confuse you or don’t line up with your modern understanding of the world, don’t worry! That’s one of the many reasons we like to take a look back with “This Day in GameCola History”.

April 7th, 2015—Jazzing Up Videogame Music with The OneUps

We start off slowly with this day from two years ago. Get nice and relaxed with some jazz renditions of your favorite videogame songs before continuing on with this article!

April 7th, 2014—Consistency and Redundancy: The Gamer’s Struggle with a Need and a Fear of Change

What is it that gamers want? Joe looks back on a history of popular (and unpopular) games and tries to gather some meaning from the trends of the videogame world.

April 7th, 2013—GC Podcast #60: If You Die in the Game, You Die in Real Life!

Wow! It seems so long ago that I, Alex Jedraszczak, was in charge of the GameCola podcast…but in reality, I was still in charge as recently as 2013. If you have the time, take a listen! It’s only an hour and a half long.

April 7th, 2011—Versus Mode: Angry Birds, Xbox Indie Games, Free-to-Play, and More

Angry Birds? Farmville? XBLIG? Things that appear as faint glimmers in our memory were once as real and alive as the article you’re reading right now. Read the opinions of actual people who lived during that time period in this edition of “Versus Mode” from 2011.

April 7th, 2010—Poor Player’s Paradise

2010 was a big year for April 7th, and we start off with this installment of “Poor Player’s Paradise”, the column that brings you the videogaming deals of the day. Take a moment to remember what things were like back in the early days and read about Borderlands, Tower of Heaven, and—wait for it—Blockbuster. Remember Blockbuster? GameCola remembers.

April 7th, 2010—Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (PC)

Some of you may not remember the time that land forgot, but back in the early days of the universe, YouTube would only allow you to upload videos about ten minutes long. That was rough on Let’s Players video walkthroughers of the day, as can be seen in this content dump from April 7th, 2010! Be glad that the standard model of physics has settled into place, because the early universe was a maelstrom of uncertainty.

April 7th, 2010—Digital Championship Wrestling: Phoenix Wright vs. Mega Man

Indiana Jones wasn’t the only video content published on April 7th in 2010. Prehistoric GameCola classic column “Digital Championship Wrestling” got a special video edition on this day, featuring staff-favorite characters Phoenix Wright and Mega Man facing off in the ring! Who came out victorious? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

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