• Carbonated News (January 2004)

    - Well it sure took them long enough.  Sega is in the process of suing Electronic Arts over EA's 2001 Simpson's Road Rage.  Sega is claiming that Road Rage was designed to "deliberately copy and imi

  • Carbonated News (December 2003)

    - Fans of the Dragon Warrior series of video games have something to look forward too... possibly.  Square Enix is currently working on an updated version of Dragon Warrior V, to be released exclusiv

  • Carbonated News (November 2003)

    - Interested in nabbing some free games?  Know any good knock-knock jokes?  Boy, are you ever in luck!  Nintendo is sponsoring a new contest to promote their upcoming GBA title "Mario Luigi -- Sup

  • Carbonated News (October 2003)

    - Much like Sonic the Hedgehog before him, Mega Man is about to have released a vast collection of his elderly titles.  This compilation, which is being released to honor the blue guy's fifteenth ann

  • Carbonated News (March 2003)

    Be the first on your block to own a chunk of Mars! Enix (man, I can't wait for their merger with Square), in collaboration with the Lunar Embassy Corporation, is running a very special contest with it

  • Carbonated News (February 2003)

    Okay, this whole movie thing is starting to get pretty obnoxious.  Apparently Samus Aran, female bounty hunter extraordinaire, has been the latest victim to the video game industry's cinematic trend,

  • Carbonated News (January 2003)

    - What could someday easily be considered the greatest console yet to exist really proved itself this past November. In the Game Boy Advance's year and a half lifespan, there have been approximately n

  • Carbonated News (December 2002)

    - Tomb Raider.  Final Fantasy.  Mortal Kombat.  Super Mario Brothers. Resident Evil. Pac-Man.  Which of these things is not like the others?  Which of these things just doesn't belong?  Which of

  • Carbonated News (November 2002)

    - The subject of much speculation since Square's mysterious poster at the Tokyo Game Show, a sequel to hit role-playing game Final Fantasy X is now confirmed to be well under development.  This, of c

  • Carbonated News (October 2002)

    - From your television to your...well...television comes American Idol: the videogame. Based on the "hit" TV series of the same name, this yet unnamed title by Vivendi Universal is to be packaged with