• Q&AmeCola: Biggest Personal Investment in a Game

    The GameCola staff share their biggest game investments—from needlessly leveling up when already overpowered, to hand-drawing maps instead of just reading the manual, to getting a little bit too involved with birds.

  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

    Bounty hunters, an evil empire, and a young, unsuspecting hero who unwittingly gets caught up in the action. And it all happened in a world far, far away...in a land called Ivalice. "Wait a minute," y

  • Quantum Geek: Episode 4 – Final Oxymoron VII

    The situation had taken a radical turn for Tom. After barely surviving his experiences in Contra and Super Mario Bros., he had been deposited by IDEAS in Final Fantasy VII as the game's protagonist,

  • Digital Championship Wrestling: Diablo vs. a Chocobo

    Welcome, gamefans all across this great globe, to another enthralling edition of Digital Championship Wrestling! I'm Paul Franzen here at ringside, and with me, in more way than one, is "Captain" Eric Regan.

  • Chocobo Racing (PS1)

    Chocobo Racing is much like Mario Kart, only using characters from Square games instead of Mario characters.  The main characters of the game are the various creatures of Square games, as opposed to