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    Damnation Developers Laid Off

    About a minute after Michael Ridgaway posted about how awful Damnation is right here in this blog, and how glad he is he’s not working for them, I saw this news article pop up in my RSS reader, courtesy of Joystiq: It appears that all of the developers at Blue Omega Entertainment, the folks behind … Continue reading "Damnation Developers Laid Off"

  • The Anger Dome: Damnation

    No, this isn’t a post about my anger about my eventual sentence to the lower reaches of Hell for all of my earthly transgressions (I’ve already accepted that as an unavoidable fact); this a rant about the new game Damnation by Blue Omega Entertainment. I was interested in this game for a while, ever since I … Continue reading "The Anger Dome: Damnation"

  • Myrtle T. Blinkin’s Videogame Previews

    For the last goddamn time, monkeys aren't donkeys! When I was a young filly back in the day, it was a gorilla that carried me up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, as was the custom! It sure as hell wasn't an ass, I tell you! That's just a three-letter word for a beast of burden, and the answer to six down on my octogenarian newsletter crossword puzzle.