• Dear Readers: Celebrity Versus Mode

    Hello world, and welcome to GameCola—live, from just outside Trenton, NJ, from myself and Miss Cola's new apartment. Which is why the issue's a few days late this week—moving, as it turns out, takes a bit of time.

  • Dear Readers: Rebirth of a Forums

    My Fanzens! Welcome, my teeming Fanzens, to your number-one source of videogame fairy tales, furries, and hentai boobs: GameCola.net.

  • Dear Readers: Live From the Real World

    Welcome, my little Fanzens, to the one-and-only videogame Web site, EVER, in the history of the Internet. I'm coming to YOU, live, from the post-apocademic, "real" world, which has surprisingly few Scantron examinations and surprisingly plenty in-house massage therapists.

  • Dear Readers: STAFF BATTLE ’07

    If you're one of the one non-spambots who've posted on our forums, you maybe possibly remember the Best Staff Member EVER tournament we ran last year. If you're not, then the so basically is this: We ran a tournament last year to figure out who, among the millions (and The Rock means MILLIONS!!!!!) of writers we've had, was the absolute best.

  • Dear Readers: The GameCola FAQ

    Progress is what we're all about here at GameCola, by which I mean you should check out the neat stuff I've been adding to the site lately. And by "neat stuff" I'm only really talking about two things—and by "two things" I mean "one completely new thing" and "one thing I sorta changed a little."

  • Dear Readers: 7 is Above Average!

    As part of my endless quest to produce as few of my own words as possible while still calling myself a "writer", I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to a comment posted by Matt Gardner in our review of Club House Games in last month's 'Cola.

  • Dear Readers: Absolutely Real Message Board Posts

    You know I’ve been doing this for like five years, right? Five whole years. That’s probably longer than some of you have been alive. (What? No it’s not.) That’s with one Dear Readers per month, one (at least!) review per month, one Digital Championship Wrestling per month, and one Gates of Life every other month. And that’s to say nothing of my old monthly column and the various feature articles I’ve written. And that’s to say nothing of spending my off-time writing for an on-campus publication and a magazine devoted to the best sorts of drapery to hang up in your dining room. (As it turns out, the best kinds are generally the ones made by companies advertising in the magazine. Who knew!)

  • Dear Readers: MAGFest 5

    We—we being myself and my lovely girlfriend—arrived at the convention a little before noonish on its second full day, after stumbling around town for a bit because neither of us, despite being level-headed, soon-to-be college graduated pseudo-adults, had thought to take note of where the convention was actually being held, just that it was being held in a hotel in Vienna, VA: a town that—we were quick to discover—actually has more than one hotel.

  • Dear Readers: The Janish

    I really want to go to bed right now. It's warm. I almost said that it's warm and inviting, but then I realized how cliched that sounds. So I decided to say that it's just warm. Have I mentioned yet that I'm a little tired? I'd like to go to bed, but I can't—not until this column is finished, at least. For I, absolutely not following my own advice, have waited until the absolute very last minute to crank this puppy (wtf, is that even a phrase) out.

  • Dear Readers: Goozex

    So I found myself wondering the other day why, exactly, I owned a copy of Tribes: Aerial Assault for PlayStation 2. I couldn’t come up with a reasonable justification. The only one that came to mind was that I must’ve bought it so I’d have something to play on my at-the-time new and shiny PS2 network adaptor, but, if I did that...that’s sort of like buying a leash and being like “hey, I should totally get a dog to go with this.” And, to unnecessarily build upon that, it’s sort of like that dog had terrible gameplay.