• Doom 64 (N64)

    So at the end of the day, is Doom 64 really Doom, or is it just a knock-off that tries but doesn't live up to its predecessor?

  • Doom 3 (MXB)

    Doom 3 is an ultra-sexy diversion with enough substance to fill the id-naysayers' mouths.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #3

    Doom on your state-of-the-art 486 was less a game, more an experience. However, after battling through two episodes, it begins to get a little stale. Up comes the final level of episode two, "Tower of Babel". "Ho-hum", you think as you run into an empty arena, "the designers really have given up." Then your screen turns red and you lose 80% of your health. With a bold exclamation of "What the fuck" you turn to see an ungodly monstrosity, the Cyberdemon. Another rocket promptly smacks you in the face and you die. Enraged, you boot your saved game and ready your rocket launcher. This baby’s goin’ down. Sadly, you underestimate the maneuverability of a 10-foot demon from Hell and get yourself owned again. Third time’s the charm though, as you are victorious after a hide-and-peek 20-minute battle. On to episode three with renewed vigour!

  • Versus Mode: First-Person Shooter Shoot-Out

    First-person-shooters. Classics. New ones. Some people tell me that they're all the same. Others say it doesn't matter which one you play -- they still suck. Well, I say 'bbullshit'. Right here, right now, I'm comparing one to the next, pitting classics against modern ones, and system against system.

  • Carbonated News (October 2002)

    - From your television to your...well...television comes American Idol: the videogame. Based on the "hit" TV series of the same name, this yet unnamed title by Vivendi Universal is to be packaged with