• [NSFW] Jurassic Park (SCD)

    If you’re reading this, I’m just a scientist. I’m no goddamn superhero or bulked-up super-soldier. I was just flying over Jurassic Park, looking to do some research after the horrible events of that mediocre movie and its two shitty sequels. Then, my helicopter crashed. I’ll have to go into the mansion outside Raccoon Ci—wait, hold up, wrong helicopter crash, wrong game.

  • Local Chicken Linchpin in Assault Case

    The first Skyrim bug reports are coming in, and the game hasn't even been released yet. Skyrim, the next Elder Scrolls title, is an open-world adventure/role-playing game where the world is your oyste

  • [NSFW] The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES)

    I am not going to make one egg pun this entire review. Set your expectations now.