• The Vana’diel Diaries (August 2006)

    As I edited this diary I've noticed they're getting longer and longer. It can only be due to more gameplay, further evidence that the hook is in place and I'm being dragged in. I think about everythin

  • The Vana’diel Diaries (July 2006)

    After nearly three months, I have a new perspective on the players of MMORPGs: They're not all obsessed assclowns bent on leveling up their character so they can be badass in at least one realm—the

  • The Vana’diel Diaries (July 2006)

    Finnegan: 23 RDM, 15 WHMGaelan: 10 WAR I've been playing FF XI for better than 60 days now, and while I am playing quite a bit, I don't feel "addicted" per se. However, I checked my total playtime ear

  • The Vana’diel Diaries (June 2006)

    I began playing Final Fantasy XI back in mid-April. Prior to then, I'd scoffed at MMOs and those who played them: It's digital crack and those who play them are naught but weak-willed addicts. I was w

  • Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

    Welcome to that latest installment of everyone's favorite feature here at THE ‘COLA! Well this month we had a doozy all lined up. Let me tell you: It would have been a column of epic proportions! A

  • [NSFW] Be Careful What You Search For #4

    Terrence Atkins is here drawing the keywords YOU used to discover GameCola.

  • Carbonated News (October 2003)

    - Much like Sonic the Hedgehog before him, Mega Man is about to have released a vast collection of his elderly titles.  This compilation, which is being released to honor the blue guy's fifteenth ann