• Top of the Heap: Top of 2007

    It's our super-special 2007 year-in-review issue, and I've decided I'm going to celebrate in the tried-and-true manner that's worked for sitcoms for decades: Repackaging stuff you've already seen in a "best of" episode. So, let's indulge my slothfulness and take a look back on the games that have been deemed to be at the titular Top of The Heap this year and which ones were the bottom of the barrel.

  • Top of the Heap: Games Nobody Remembers Based on Licenses Nobody Remembers (Part One)

    All the big game developers know that nothing makes real money like a high quality, innovative game. Unfortunately, they’re also painfully aware that nothing makes a quick buck quite like shoving a temporarily popular cartoon/film/TV show into a mediocre videogame based vaguely on that license. Some of these licenses will be remembered and their videogames forgotten (e.g., Lethal Weapon), and, for some, the game will be remembered while the original license will be forgotten (e.g., Maniac Mansion), but sometimes both game and license are so worthless that both are forgotten. These are but a few of such forgettable game and license pairs.