• Get Out of Your Dad-Blasted House: Portable Gaming and Graffiti in Europe

    Why stay at home and play videogames when you can do it in a foreign country?

  • GC Podcast #68: Of Consoles and Peripherals

    The Podcast Crew talks about the latest in console peripherals, like the Wii Baby and the Power Pad!

  • … of the Month: Game Boy Advance SP

    The new Game Boy Advance SP, or G-BASP as I enjoy writing it, is quite an improvement upon the original. Although the original GBA was pocked-sized, depending on your pockets, this baby is even more pocket sized, for even smaller pockets!! The new laptopish design of this beauty allows for easier carrying, although some could complain about the way it feels in your hand while playing it, compared to the GBA (I personally think it's fine). The internal light is probably the best new feature, and it alone is worth buying it, as far as I'm concerned. The light can be turned on or off whenever you want, in case you were in a situation where you had plenty of light and didn't need the extra illumination. Instead of using AA batteries like the old GBA, the SP uses a battery pack that lasts for up to 18 hours without the light on, and 10 hours with it, and is rechargeable (recharger comes with the SP, by the way). You can buy the GBASP for about $100 new, and you can get a good chunk of that off if you trade in your old GBA at GameStop or some such store when you buy it.

  • Carbonated News (February 2003)

    Okay, this whole movie thing is starting to get pretty obnoxious.  Apparently Samus Aran, female bounty hunter extraordinaire, has been the latest victim to the video game industry's cinematic trend,