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    Bugs, Hugs and Other Stuff

    So now you've all heard the big news—GameCola's final issue is out, and the site will be changing its format. I've been working hard to bring you guys an all-new GameCola. It's coming, and it will be big.

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    Forums, RSS and Rating Problems

    As I'm sure everyone who has looked at the latest issue is aware, there are some big upgrades going on for some of the interactive GameCola features—in this case, comments and ratings. However, there have been some teething difficulties with these upgrades that have effected the following services in some way:

  • Dear Readers: Rebirth of a Forums

    My Fanzens! Welcome, my teeming Fanzens, to your number-one source of videogame fairy tales, furries, and hentai boobs: GameCola.net.

  • Dear Readers: New Year’s Resolutions

    It's been a while since I last made any New Year's Resolutions, with the last one being "To not eat so much paste in class", but the time seems right to press start and try again.