New Phoenix Wright Trailer!

There's a trailer for the newest Phoenix Wright game!

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Today, Hasbro announced the release date for season three of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…is going to be announced, about a month from now. So…we have a tentative release date for a release date of the release date. Hooray!

Oh, wait a second, wrong website. This is the videogame one. Well, some Phoenix Wright stuff happened, too.

That right there is the trailer for Phoenix Wright 4: Journey Through the Mists. As we already know, the plotline is that someone has bombed a courthouse. The Judge, who is secretly Batman, has managed to survive the explosion without any injuries whatsoever.

As part of an elaborate scheme to lure Phoenix Wright out of retirement, the Judge accused the most innocent defendant possible. Arresting officer Obviously Guilty may have something to do with this. Either way, Phoenix decides he has to take the case, so he grabs the first teenage girl he can find, Kizuki Kokone, better known as “Kiki the Kid.” “You’re my new assistant!” Phoenix shouts at Kiki the Kid, then he drags her into the courtroom.

At first Kiki the Kid seems like a useless partner. But it is revealed that she has the power to sense people’s emotions!!


…Judging from the screens, this game is Super Princess Peach all over again.

Anyway, Kiki the Kid can determine how someone is feeling, just by looking at them. This is clearly a useful superpower that normal people do not have. It leads to some brilliant dialogue, at the end of the first case:

Kiki: The witness is crying right now, Phoenix! That means he’s sad!
Phoenix: Thanks, Kiki! I wouldn’t have known that without you!

As you would expect, Phoenix manages to figure out who the culprit is. In a surprise cliffhanger ending, Kiki is arrested for gross fashion violations, as her skirt is far too short for her to wear in public without an embarrassing mishap. Will Phoenix be able to defend her in Case #2? Or will she be found guilty by Phoenix’s newest arch-nemesis, Prosecutor Apollo Justice? You’ll have to buy the game to find out!

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  1. I believe saying this is grounds for ejection from the GameCola staff, but I think I like Kiki better than Maya already. Then again, I like Ema Skye better than Maya, too, so perhaps this isn’t a surprise. Phoenix’s little lock of loose hair is distracting, though.

    BUT! I’m actually digging the 3-D character models; even though I like the 2-D anime style of the previous games, seeing the same few frames of animation for each character start to wear on me after a while (though I’ve only ever “played” the games by watching Michael’s YouTube videos, so it might just be the curse of getting antsy because my attention isn’t focused on actually playing the game). It’s incredibly rare for me to say this about a game, but the 3-D seems more visually interesting to me than its 2-D counterpart.

    1. I don’t mind Kiki either, to be honest. With Phoenix and Maya teaming up again for the Professor Layton crossover game, I don’t feel the need to have her appear in this one. Also, I think it makes more sense to have a new sidekick, because we have a “new” Phoenix.

      Well, the original character models were for the GameBoy Advance. It’s hard NOT to have the graphics look much more impressive, once you skip a generation of hardware.

    1. You talkin’ ’bout me, or Michael? ‘Cuz if you meant me, this hardly qualifies as complaining by my standards; it’s really just factual statements about my gut reactions to what I’ve seen, and not clinical analysis of anything particularly wrong.

    2. I believe all my complaints in this article are justified. It is frustrating that we have to wait so long before they’ll tell us when the new episodes of My Little Pony are going to air. Usually shows announce the season premiere date MUCH farther in advance.

      As for Phoenix Wright 4: Journey Through the Mists, most of the plot details in this article are completely made up.

  2. Sorry, but those graphics make me sad. I just can’t accept them. I do think that it is going to be Edgeworth as the prosecutor, but then again, I might be wrong.

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