• Dear Readers: Clichéd Review Intros

    I don’t know how many of you frequent GameFAQs, but I do, because it’s the best dad-gum hunting grounds for new writers you’ll ever see. Anyone can post their reviews on that site, and, as a result, you can come across a lot of untapped talent just waiting for that e-mail that invites them to the big leagues. If you send out enough e-mails, you’ll even find a few willing to write for GameCola, too.

  • Snowboard Kids (N64)

    I'm not quite certain how to start this review. After all, it's my first review here at this beautiful little steamboat you people call der ‘Cola. I could talk about how awesome it is to have your w

  • Dear Readers: Absolutely Real Message Board Posts

    You know I’ve been doing this for like five years, right? Five whole years. That’s probably longer than some of you have been alive. (What? No it’s not.) That’s with one Dear Readers per month, one (at least!) review per month, one Digital Championship Wrestling per month, and one Gates of Life every other month. And that’s to say nothing of my old monthly column and the various feature articles I’ve written. And that’s to say nothing of spending my off-time writing for an on-campus publication and a magazine devoted to the best sorts of drapery to hang up in your dining room. (As it turns out, the best kinds are generally the ones made by companies advertising in the magazine. Who knew!)

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    Birth of a New Forum

    The following is The g50's account of the events which, directly or indirectly, led to the creations of the Chrono Trigger social board at gamefaqs.com. It all began years ago when a young lad by the