• 101010, Chapter 7: Four-Player Versus

    This challenge isn't all fun and games...

  • Gamer Girlfriend: Thoughts for a Rainy Afternoon

    It’s weird how things change. I was recently looking back over the archives of "Gamer Girlfriend," which date back to early 2008, and I was surprised to notice a gradual but distinct progression in the way my column has evolved over the years. Originally, it was about the crazy antics and wacky misadventures of Mike, my own dear “Gamer in Residence,” and the trials and tribulations that came from first dating, and then living with him. After a while, it was about my own tentative forays in the gaming world. “Reflections on Grand Theft Auto IV” was followed with a cute story about how I acquired my pink DS and very first game cartridges (Animal Crossing and Cooking Mama). Then came Kingdom Hearts, the first “real” game I ever played by myself. From then on, my column became increasingly focused on the games I was playing, and somewhat less on the games Mike was into.

  • GC Podcast #23: Zach’s Lost Cell Phone

    In this edition of The GameCola Podcast, Zach Rich loses his cell phone. Also, he, Christian Porter, and Justin Luschinksi talk about: What games they're playing now: RPGs, Borderlands, LittleBigPla

  • Poor Player’s Paradise

    A cheapskate's guide to discounted and free games. This article: LittleBigPlanet, Borderlands, $7 games, Tower of Heaven and trading sites.