• What the Crap? Stick to What You’re Good At

    What the crap is up with game series' suddenly switching genres? If a game works well as a side-scrolling plat former, don't turn it in to a driving game. The big one that comes to mine is that stupid

  • You Don’t Know Jack (PS1)

    YDKJ may not hold up well against the sands of time, so play it while it's still well-nigh topical.

  • Versus Mode: Game Show Showdown

    Anyone who watches the Game Show Network (now known only by the initials GSN... whose bright idea was that?) as much as I do will have seen countless episodes of most of the shows these games are based on. I'm sure there must be some among you who, like me, spend days at a time on the couch watching nothing but Richard Dawson and Charles Nelson Riley yucking it up on the Match Game. I'm also sure that there are some out there who say that all games based on game shows a crappy. To those people, I say: "Oh YEAH?? Well your FACE is crappy!!!". There are many titles based on game shows in my massive collection, and rather than do a Jeopardy! vs. Family Feud feature (as was my original intention), I thought I'd take a page out of Kevin Leacock's playbook and just pit them all against one another to see which is the best. So here we go!

  • Jeopardy! (NES)

    Its only fault is that some of the questions now are so dated that they're almost unanswerable.