• Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)

    Hello, my name is Lizo. Even though I'm Paul. No, I know, this is confusing—stick with me here. I, i.e. Lizo, have just finished playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and it seems like a review is in o

  • Gamer Girlfriend: My Boyfriend, The Pirate King

    Last night was an interesting evening. My boyfriend headed out to a videogame networking event around 7:00, and I had the apartment all to myself for a couple of hours. I made good use of the first hour by cleaning up the place and doing the dishes, but by 8:00, I had pretty much caved and was completely engrossed in my latest obsession, Kingdom Hearts. I know that anyone who reads this column is probably already nodding his or her head in recognition, but really, the fact that I’m even playing this game is a huge deal for me. Generally, I am loathe to venture into RPG territory, Disney characters notwithstanding. I don’t really do those kinds of action/adventure games. They kind of make me nervous.

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    Feeling Dirty

    The other day I thought I would finally play Final Fantasy X (never got around to it in college) and was rather looking forward to sinking my teeth into a nice RPG. An hour later.... I fell asleep. I

  • … of the Month: Video Game Sequel Theory, Phase 1

    I’m sure this isn’t the first time I am mentioning this, but it has again been brought to my attention while playing a certain game (Xenosaga Episode II), and I figured I would try and solidify my thoughts into a solid theory.

  • Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)

    Where, oh where did you go wrong, my beloved Kingdom Hearts? You had such potential. You could have been one of the greats! And now look at you—you're just yet another sequel that absolutely did not

  • … of the Month: Kingdom Hearts II

    I can understand why they would want to revisit old worlds from the original game...but did they really need to make you repeat nearly the exact same thing you did in those worlds?

  • Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

    Kingdom Hearts is still a great game in its own right.

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    Digital Championship Wrestling: Sora vs. Mega Man

    Paul: Hello again everyone, and welcome back to Digital Championship Wrestling! As always I'm Paul Franzen, and here with me tonight Eric "PLZ REZ" Regan.Eric: And I just can't wait for today's matchu

  • Versus Mode: Super Mario RPG vs. Kingdom Hearts

    When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts, one of the initial things that came to my mind was a comparison of this game to Super Mario RPG. With KH being a collaboration between Squaresoft and Disney, and Super Mario RPG being a collaboration between Squaresoft and Nintendo, it seemed only natural that similarities might be conjured up between the two. To me, anyway. If you don't agree -- tough cookies. This is my first shot at writing Versus Mode, and this is the topic I wanna discuss. So sit on it, disbelieving headwire.

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    Dear Readers: Did We Make the Right Choice?

    You know what I'm grateful for? That I can finally write one of these introductory articles without sounding like a total toolbox. The last several "Dear Readers"s have been all about getting more people to write for GameCola, or how awesome the newest issue is.. finally, now, I can talk without having to shill something.