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    So last month Paul sends me an e-mail, which I manage to read between all my global jet-setting and super-model hangouts (sorry ladies, Vangie says I'm strictly "look but don't touch"), asking me for

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    A wise man once said, "mo' money, mo' problems." This may be true in real life, but how does it stack up in videogames? Perhaps it would be better to say "mo' types of money, mo' problems." If you've

  • Disney Finds New Kingdom Hearts Game “Hard to Understand”

    This just made my day. Tetsuya Nomura is the Director of the next Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Droop Dropkick for the 3DS. In an interview with Famitsu (via SQEX*GAL), he talks a bit ab

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    Confession time: I have never played Kingdom Hearts. I know, I know. Everyone tells me that it's a must-buy, because it's the best series ever. And even though I'm a huge Disney nerd, I've never gott

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    Stupid names aside, this is a game well worth looking at.

  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)

    Hello, my name is Lizo. Even though I'm Paul. No, I know, this is confusing—stick with me here. I, i.e. Lizo, have just finished playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and it seems like a review is in o

  • Gamer Girlfriend: My Boyfriend, The Pirate King

    Last night was an interesting evening. My boyfriend headed out to a videogame networking event around 7:00, and I had the apartment all to myself for a couple of hours. I made good use of the first hour by cleaning up the place and doing the dishes, but by 8:00, I had pretty much caved and was completely engrossed in my latest obsession, Kingdom Hearts. I know that anyone who reads this column is probably already nodding his or her head in recognition, but really, the fact that I’m even playing this game is a huge deal for me. Generally, I am loathe to venture into RPG territory, Disney characters notwithstanding. I don’t really do those kinds of action/adventure games. They kind of make me nervous.