• Capcom, Shall I Compare Thee?

    What if William Shakespeare was a fan of Mega Man and Phoenix Wright? He'd be pissed off around about now. You know what? I'm pissed off, too. I wrote a whole three thousand word rant about Capcom but

  • You Blew It: Mega Man Legends 3 Canceled

    Way to go. YOU were given the reins to co-develop the latest entry into the Mega Man Legends 3 franchise, and you completely blew it. Where did you go wrong? I don't know—maybe it was your "idea" th

  • Mega Man Legends 3 to be Developed by You

    That's right, YOU! Last weekend at Fake Comic Con, Keiji Inafune hosted a panel about Capcom's upcoming DS game Mega Man Legends 3. He also announced that Capcom is crowdsourcing some of the game's