• The Basics: Metal Slug

    We’ve all been there, gang. Sat in the local Quizno’s with a group of your closest friends, discussing the women (or men) you’ve slept with, the wacky antics in which you have participated, when all of a sudden—and without warning—your dearest friend suddenly pipes up.

  • Great Moments in Gaming #5

    Metal Slug X, then. Just you (and maybe a friend) against the entire Morden army. But after six missions of pain, you realise that this isn't quite so one-sided. An entire alien race is looking to enslave Earth. Unbelievably, the Morden have sided with the aliens and the climactic battle is just you against the General -- he is commandeering an alien ship. You, obviously, defeat him. But is it over? No! The aliens take the General! They have betrayed their allies! The biggest Mothership in the entire world attacks you! It takes up the entire top half of the bloody screen! The Morden bring you a Metal Slug and help you to destroy it as it throws everything it's got at you. But you prevail -- destroying the Mothership! The General drops down, strapped to a heavy metal slab, and his men rejoice! Unfortunately, the slab falls over and crushes him. And then the game ends. Sheer. Brilliance.

  • Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Stuart Gipp

    Stuart Gipp's top 10 favorite videogames.