• The Paul & Jeddy Show: 20th Anniversary Edition

    It's GameCola's 20th anniversary! The current and former Jedditor-in-Chief got together to talk about the good times, the better times, and the not-so-good times.

  • Be Careful What You Search For #53

    Another set of real Googles people Googled, which somehow Googled them to GameCola.

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    … of the Month: Mr. Face Advance

    Background: A long long time ago, on an ancient, destroyed, website, there lived a happy little smiley face by the name of "Mr. Face." Now Mr. Face was a kind enough soul, never bothering anyone, and pretty much minding his own business. He lived a pretty uneventful life until one dreadful day when some bastard game players like you decided to shoot him... in the face! Assholes. Anyway, one shot to the head was not enough for the psychos, they shot over and over and over until the poor yellow smiley couldn't take it anymore and exploded... That was the last we saw of the lovable face for years to come.