• This Yard Has Saled #8: Christmas in July

    Jingle bells, jingle bells, I bought tons of games.

  • Q&AmeCola: Sports Games

    With all the quality reviews, delightful columns, and hard-hitting game journalism you can find here at GameCola, it's sometimes hard to believe that the site's written by regular people like you and

  • What the Crap?: Silly Sports Scarcity

    I know there isn't much sports chatter here @ GameCola, but sports games are a great chance for non-athletic types to juke, putt, dunk, slide tackle, punch, headbutt...whatever your taste may be. In the olden days, sports games weren't simulations; they were what started the idea of "arcade" style, meaning you could sit down with a group of people and play a sport in an unrealistic and fun way, but still stay true to the basic nature of the sport's rules. There's not really that many videogames that do this anymore, and I don't understand why. Such games have a wide audience of both sports fans and multiplayer-game fans, and they're so damn fun to play. If you want a realistic sports game, just watch a real-life sport!

  • NBA Jam Shows a Liberal Bias.

    Via Go Nintendo, it looks like someone's FINALLY starting to ask EA Sports the hard-hitting questions about NBA Jam. Unfortunately, that "someone" was Fox News, so most of the questions revolve around

  • The Entire 2008 Presidential Election is Unlockable in NBA Jam

    The Wii-exclusive (wait, really?) NBA Jam, in the grand tradition of Jams that've come before it, apparently includes as secret characters Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin, as wel

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    The Top 5 Games of 1994

    It seems only appropriate, in keeping with our 1994-inspired issue of GameCola (see: NHL Hockey '94) that we write a little about this less-than-stellar year in gaming. In a year which saw not only th