• XBL Indie Games: Zombies, Decapitations, and More!

    It's been a while since any truly interesting Xbox Live Indie (formerly "Community") games have been released, and I say that mostly because the last time I wrote about them was in March, when A Fadin

  • … of the Month: New PAIN Content

    Hey all! First off, thanks very much to everyone who supplied thoughtful feedback to my column last month. It was helpful to see everyone’s opinions on what should and shouldn’t be considered for a replay value score. In the future, I will definitely ask similar questions in this column, knowing that people are so responsive. Thanks again!

  • … of the Month: PAIN Revisited

    Finally, a new level is going to come out for PAIN! It’s not out yet, to my knowledge…but sometime! Woo! More on that TK! This round we’re gonna start off with a question for you dudes to post the answer to: Why does TK mean “to come”? I have no idea, but it does. If you can explain it to me, please do so!

  • … of the Month: Unknown and Underappreciated

    Do you remember that commercial that came on the other day for that amazing new 9$ (That’s right, the dollar sign is after the 9. My mind says nine dollars, not dollars nine, and I’m tired of mindlessly lending my support to bullshit that is, quite frankly, OUT OF ORDER) game that you can only get by downloading it from the PlayStation online store? If you do, you probably also shit your pants every time you see a cop driving down the opposite side of the highway, because you are sure that he noticed the 15 dollars (15$) worth of marijuana you have stashed under the passenger seat, and it’s only a matter of time before he spins around and skids through the grassy (get it?) median to come after you.