• PAX East 2013 Double-Recap

    No, they weren't showing off Ace Attorney 5.

  • China, Part 2: PC Gaming, Merchandising, and Intellectual Property Armageddon.

    In Part 1 of my look at gaming in China, I discussed the ambiguous legal status of game consoles: the PS3, 360, and Wii remain a special niche for dedicated gamers. But if the ban on consoles achieved

  • Gamer Girlfriend: An Obscure Prestige Class, Indeed

    Well, it’s official: after ten months of planning, organizing, coordinating, arranging, rearranging, and generally unleashing my Bridezilla Fury upon the world, I have finally attained the status of Gamer Wife. Along with the accompanying name changes and the addition of a new ring to the third finger of my left hand, I’ve noticed that the attainment of this obscure prestige class has caused a noticeable shift in how I view myself. Not only am I now the wife of a gamer, I can no longer deny that I myself have some “more-than-casual” gaming tendencies.