• Tobal No. 1 (PS1)

    I've played plenty of 3D fighting games in my time, but no other title has made the impression on me that Tobal No. 1 has.  Tobal was a sleeper hit that somehow fell deep into the cracks of gaming hi

  • Threads of Fate (PS1)

    Threads of Fate is a nice, short little action/RPG type of game.

  • Chocobo Racing (PS1)

    Chocobo Racing is much like Mario Kart, only using characters from Square games instead of Mario characters.  The main characters of the game are the various creatures of Square games, as opposed to

  • Pong: The Next Level (PS1)

    Two warriors, engaged in a back-and-forth struggle for supreme victory.  The ball bounces one way, and then the other—a warrior falters, and his opponent scores a goal.  The battle starts again, a

  • Spice World (PS1)

    Let's say for a moment that you're Psygnosis, little-known game publisher with only a few major hits under your belt.  You've just scored the rights to one of the hottest untapped licenses available:

  • Chrono Cross (PS1)

    Is it as good as Chrono Trigger?

  • Brave Fencer Musashi (PS1)

    Brave Fencer Musashi is another one of Square's journeys in to the realm of gaming outside of RPGs. For the majority of Squaresoft's life in the gaming industry, it has remained in its little RPG corn

  • Mega Man Legends (PS1)

    While it holds its own in the genre, it is definitely directed towards Mega Man fans. If that's you, go check this game out.