• WiiWare Review (June 2008)

    Toki Tori is a great puzzle game, and it's a HUGE upgrade from the original on the Game Boy Color. Lots of puzzles, good use of the Wiimote, great audio, and very worth the price if you like puzzle games.

  • Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii)

    Growing up, I was a big fan of the Indiana Jones TRILOGY. That's right, I say TRILOGY, because I vehemently refuse to admit that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is anything other than the shameless beati

  • WiiWare Review (May 2008)

    A fun little game where you pick up stick figures and bash the crap out of them to prevent them from destroying your castle. It's a little boring and repetitive, but I found the multiplayer to be rather enjoyable with a couple of friends. If you're rationing points, it's not what I would call a priority buy, but it's certainly a good time waster if you're not willing to play a free version on the Web.

  • [NSFW] Mario Kart Wii (Wii)

    Mario Kart, Mario Kart, Oh, how long I have loved thee! From Super NES to Double Dash, And now you're on the Wii! Reserve my copy early on From the whores at the GameStop. It comes with a free wheel,

  • Are You Game?: Nintendo DS

    We’re not going to waste any time on this; we’re just going to hit the ground running.

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

    How does one start off a review for what is quite possibly the game of the year? A game that sold 2.7 million units in March of 2008 in the United states to be the number one seller, 2 million more un

  • Destroy all Humans!: Big Willy Unleashed (Wii)

    I love campy, terrible B movies, especially ones of the science-fiction variety. Anyone who pre-ordered Destroy all Humans! 2 from GameStop in 2006 got a free copy of Plan 9 From Outer Space, which, i

  • Versus Mode: Book Stores, PaRappa, Innovation, and More

    GameCola writers Zach Rich and Sprite Monkey discuss videogames being sold in book stores, PaRappa as the best-ever videogame dog, whether a game needs to be innovative in order to be good, and more.

  • Are You Game?: Xbox 360

    The Xbox 360 has been alive and kicking for over two years now since November 2005. Yes, it's really been that long. That’s a lot of titles, and there have been more than a couple of misfires. It happens, but the key to life is knowing when not to step on a landmine, or, in this case, when not to drop your hard-earned cash on a developer’s sorry ass attempt at entertaining you (or a console that has a replacement rate higher than 16+%). So this article is for you. Here are the top ten Xbox 360 games since the console was released. This is your guide to cutting the crap and sticking to the pure essentials before you know full well what a "red ring of death" truly means. This is the measure of your game-itude, as all 10 of these titles should be on your shelf with no exceptions. Unless you have no thumbs—I guess that’s an exception.

  • No More Heroes (Wii)

    Sunday, Feb. 10th, 2008 at 5:20 p.m.Dear LiveJournal,Today was the first day I went out on the town dressed as a cross between Johnny Knoxville and an anime nerd. I took my trusty "beam katana" with m