• Versus Mode: Bad Games, Good Games, Single-Player Games, and More

    Grey Dog Software's Adam Ryland and Liquid WoW's Steve Hamner discuss whether single-player games are on the outs, whether companies should bother to release bad games, the Game of the Year for 2010, and more.

  • Star Trek: Tactical Assault (DS)

    Space...blah blah blah. I'm not a big Star Trek guy. The show was all right, the green chicks were hot, Kirk was ridiculously funny and that guy from Spenser For Hire was a badass, but that's as far a

  • Cheat Codes for Life

    Last month, I asked you send me letters that listed your favorite PC games, to give people who aren't experienced in that sub genre of gaming some ideas as to where to get started. What follows is my first edition of Cheat Codes that does not contain a single made-up letter. Enjoy.

  • The Vana’diel Diaries (March 2007)

    Big month. Lots accomplished, and then a BIG SURPRISE ENDING!! Read on! (Or go read testgame.exe, because someday it will be the greatest game in the Cosmos. It will!) February 1 40th level and I'm s

  • Cooking Mama (DS)

    I've come across some pretty bizarre games since I started playing way back in the days of Space Invaders and Pong, but this one right here is angling for the title of strangest yet. Cooking Mama: a g

  • The Vana’diel Diaries (February 2007)

    The continuing adventures in the world of Final Fantasy XI.

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance (X360)

    "Warrior needs food badly."–GauntletAhh, Gauntlet. So many ill-spent quarters. Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and many games like it, owe a lot to Gauntlet. With its simple tactics, button-mashing combat

  • Gears of War (X360)

    Wow.Generally, I'm not one for shooters. They've gotten a little passé. No one really seems to be breaking new ground in the genre, storylines (with a few exceptions) are tacked on, voice acting is c

  • Versus Mode: EA, Wii Injuries, Dragon Quest IX, and More

    GC writers Steve Hamner and Eric Regan discuss whether EA is trustworthy, whether Nintendo is responsible for Wii-related injuries, whether DQ9 should be on the DS, and more.

  • Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

    Another epic game in the series—but does it live up to its predecessors?