• Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Akimika

    10. Dr. Mario (NES): Use drugs to counteract the effects of tripping with the first drugs you used! If you hadn't tripped, you wouldn't be seeing those bugs! I bet Mario himself was doing the drugging...

  • Versus Mode: SimCity vs. The Sims

    It's a shame, really. I'm willing to put money on that most folks who play The Sims don't have any idea what Sim City is. In fact, if you said the words "Sim City" to them, they'd probably be like "... eh? Is that a new expansion pack or something?". No way, dude. It's not an expansion pack. It's the game that started it all.

  • The 2003 GameCola Videogame Awards

    The 2003 GameCola Videogame Awards!

  • Carbonated News (July 2002)

    - It seems as though a Sims game is headed towards the realm of Playstation 2.  It will, more or less, be a port of the PC game of much fame, with somewhat revamped graphics to make use of the PS2's