• Dear Readers: Goozex

    So I found myself wondering the other day why, exactly, I owned a copy of Tribes: Aerial Assault for PlayStation 2. I couldn’t come up with a reasonable justification. The only one that came to mind was that I must’ve bought it so I’d have something to play on my at-the-time new and shiny PS2 network adaptor, but, if I did that...that’s sort of like buying a leash and being like “hey, I should totally get a dog to go with this.” And, to unnecessarily build upon that, it’s sort of like that dog had terrible gameplay.

  • Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

    WELCOME! to the newest and GRANDEST edition of Super Thumbs to be seen by human eyes...ever! In this edition I will bring some FPS ACTION to your ever-loving attention! Now they probably aren't the ga