• Versus Mode: Super Mario RPG vs. Kingdom Hearts

    When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts, one of the initial things that came to my mind was a comparison of this game to Super Mario RPG. With KH being a collaboration between Squaresoft and Disney, and Super Mario RPG being a collaboration between Squaresoft and Nintendo, it seemed only natural that similarities might be conjured up between the two. To me, anyway. If you don't agree -- tough cookies. This is my first shot at writing Versus Mode, and this is the topic I wanna discuss. So sit on it, disbelieving headwire.

  • Versus Mode: Mario 1 vs. Mario 2 vs. Mario 3

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Well, another year down, and so is another year's worth of games.  But, for the sake of the classics, we're going back a bunch of years, and we're gonna look at some classics.  Now

  • Versus Mode: Crazy Taxi vs. Simpsons: Road Rage

    Well, here I go again: another article based upon my recent addiction to Simpsons game spoofs. But, hey, what do you want? If I play a game, I'm gonna write about it. And it seems that, as of late, the games I play the most are the Simpsons ones. So here we go, again, with another Versus Mode based upon a Simpsons parody. This time, the parody is of Crazy Taxi for the Sega Dreamcast. Oh -- by the way -- at the end of this article, there is a poll for the special New Year's Versus Mode in January... look around down their for details.

  • Versus Mode: GTA vs. Hit and Run

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a pretty awesome game. Your goal is to complete "missions" given to you by various people and the mob. These missions can include races, purchases, drug deals, and lots of other things. You can run around on foot, or drive around in various vehicles to get to where you need to go and do what it is you need to do. You can also drive around in other people's cars. As you run over things and cause mayhem, a little counter goes up. When this counter reaches it's maximum level, you are busted by the cops.

  • Versus Mode: Half-Life vs. Team Fortress

    The original Half-Life is a simple deathmatch game with awesome graphics, decent levels, and some kick-ass weapons. Upon joining the game, you are dropped into the level which the server is on with your basic weapons. When you kill a person, you can acquire their weapons and ammo, and you're allowed to spray paint a logo of sorts on their death-spot.

  • Versus Mode: First-Person Shooter Shoot-Out

    First-person-shooters. Classics. New ones. Some people tell me that they're all the same. Others say it doesn't matter which one you play -- they still suck. Well, I say 'bbullshit'. Right here, right now, I'm comparing one to the next, pitting classics against modern ones, and system against system.

  • Versus Mode: Oracle of Ages vs. Ocarina of Time

    How different can two games from the same series be?