• Captain Eric’s Psychic Thumb Feature Presentation

    Welcome to another tantalizing edition of the THUMBS that judge the games of the future! We are, as you may know, in the midst of a bit of a summer lull, with many of us eagerly awaiting the many

  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS)

    Stupid names aside, this is a game well worth looking at.

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    Thoughts on the Miles Edgeworth Game Trailer

    After watching the trailer for the upcoming Miles Edgeworth game, there are three things about this game that strike me.1. Switch from First Person to Third PersonOne of the reasons I like the Phoeni

  • Versus Mode: Subtitles, Diablo III, Braid, and More

    GameCola writers Meteo Xavier and Colin Greenhalgh discuss subtitles vs. numbers, Diablo III's color palette, the cost of Braid, and more.

  • Versus Mode: Wii Fit, Game Names, Achievements, and More

    GameCola's Eric Regan discusses Wii Fit telling people they're fat, whether a bad name can break a game, Achievements, and more.

  • Low-Rent Adventures in Japan: Of of Oves

    When I was a young boy spending all my time in the back of the room in Christian math class painstakingly translating books and song lyrics, I assumed that my perception of Japanese as being less expressive, less beautiful and poetic than English would slowly fade away with time as I was able to more fully grasp and appreciate the subtleties of the language. As of today this hasn’t been the case.

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    Dear Readers: My Game Collection

    As I have made clear many times within this virtual realm of GameCola, I am absolutely terrible at video games. This has been confirmed again recently when I combed through the list of games I own, and created a new list of games I own and beaten, and games I own and have not beaten. The results are shocking (to someone who would expect the Editor-in-Chief if a video game webazine to actually be good at video games, anyway). Out of the 331 unique games in my collection, 267 remain unbeaten, meaning I have completed a completely unimpressive 19% of my video games. This is sad. Granted, some of the games are for systems I don't even own, and some of the games I got nearly to the end but was then distracted by something newer and shinier; but the vast majority of games I own I have not completed just because I got stuck at some point and called it quits. So this, my readers, leads me to my latest life goal: to have more games in my collection beaten than I have not beaten. Send all letters of encouragement, sympathy, and bemusement to pfranzen@gamecola.net.