• What the Crap?: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

    What the Crap even was the Super Mario Bros. Super Show?

  • What the Crap?: Hoganlessness

    Welcome back to the "What the Crap?" (WTC) column. I'd like to start this column back up by discussing a serious plague that's been bothering me...no, not just me...the entire world for quite some tim

  • What the Crap?: Movie Adaptations of Videogames

    I love a good quality movie. I generally go for the silly action flicks, like Terminator, Predator, etc., but I love comedies, and even the occasional drama. But honestly, what the crap are the game developers thinking when they come up with games based on movies, or movie producers come up with movies based on great game titles. They both are generally incredibly horrible, and yet no one seems to realize how much damage has been done. Here’s a list of the fairly well known ones.

  • What the Crap?: Go-Karting

    We need a realistic go-karting game.  Sure, Mario Kart kicks ass, but it ain't true to life.  I went to do some go-karting last weekend, and the times...they were good!  But I assure you, I can't g

  • What the Crap? Stick to What You’re Good At

    What the crap is up with game series' suddenly switching genres? If a game works well as a side-scrolling plat former, don't turn it in to a driving game. The big one that comes to mine is that stupid

  • What the Crap?: I Pee, Therefore, I Am

    People complain about how, in movies, no one ever goes to the bathroom. OK, no one actually complains about this except me. And I don't even want to see them actually go to the bathroom...so I'm not e

  • What the Crap?: Rampage

    Honestly, what is the ESRB thinking with the Rampage series? With all the games out there where you kill people and decapitate them, they lose sight of just what goes on in Rampage. For those unfamili

  • [NSFW] What the Crap?: Games that are Hard as Shit

    I’d like to rant about a few select games that are definitely H.A.S. and made me wonder just what the crap the programmers were beaten with as a child to make such an infuriating game.

  • What the Crap?: Bosses

    I can't tell you how many easy bosses I've cut through that just made me wonder what the crap was going on in the boss-designer's mind.

  • What the Crap?: Role-Playing Games

    RPGs rock. Deep stories, great strategy elements, orchestrated music, walking around and fighting the same slime 50 times—they're fantastic. I remember getting my first RPG for free from Nintendo P