• Cave Story (Wii-WW)

    Cave Story. If you haven’t played it yet, then what the hell is wrong with you? I know, with a title like Cave Story, you think it’s going to be another dungeon crawler with all the appeal of a gopher’s testicle. But trust me, this game is way cooler than a gopher’s testicle, maybe even … Continue reading "Cave Story (Wii-WW)"

  • WiiWare Review (August 2008)

    It’s a little light on content, but overall a decent game. Thematically the whole game is cute and very enjoyable, but without a lot of depth, it’s hard to keep coming back to. The gun noises coming from the Wii-mote get obnoxious pretty fast, but if you like shooter games, you could do a lot worse for your points.

  • WiiWare Review (July 2008)

    This is an abysmal way to start off the month for WiiWare, with a good concept that fell to pieces in development. Terrible graphics, annoying repetitive music, a lack of real customization options and AI that is just total garbage makes for a terrible racing experience that is as frustrating as it is lackluster. Still, the concept is cool, but it doesn’t come close to saving this game.

  • WiiWare Review (June 2008)

    Toki Tori is a great puzzle game, and it's a HUGE upgrade from the original on the Game Boy Color. Lots of puzzles, good use of the Wiimote, great audio, and very worth the price if you like puzzle games.

  • WiiWare Review (May 2008)

    A fun little game where you pick up stick figures and bash the crap out of them to prevent them from destroying your castle. It's a little boring and repetitive, but I found the multiplayer to be rather enjoyable with a couple of friends. If you're rationing points, it's not what I would call a priority buy, but it's certainly a good time waster if you're not willing to play a free version on the Web.