Mega Man I & II (Game Boy)

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We here at GameCola have gotten very good at writing about Mega Man. We have not, however, gotten very good at playing Mega Man. Or any videogames, for that matter. In fact, we may be the only videogame website on the entire Internet whose staff members collectively put all their skill points into personal hygiene and used “playing videogames” as their dump stat. We are terrible at videogames.

…which is part of why our YouTube videos are so charming.


We aren’t ashamed to put our hilarious failures on display for all to see. We boldly proclaim our death count. We embrace the absurdity of our verbal reactions to the unexpected. We unabashedly use saved states before your very eyes. We call it like we see it, our opinions unfettered by the shackles of nostalgia. We remind the longtime fans of what it feels like to pick up their favorite game for the very first time.

Admittedly, some of our videos are bona-fide walkthroughs, played by the site’s foremost experts in beer hats and time-traveling toilets. Some of our videos…aren’t. The videos I’m finally on the verge of discussing are a little of both.


Chances are good that you’ve heard of Mega Man, especially if you read my first paragraph. Whether you’re an insanely devoted fan in need of more Mega Man/professional help or just someone who enjoys Michael Gray’s videos, you’ve already come too far in this post to not watch at least a little bit.

On tap for today: Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge and Mega Man II for Game Boy. What happens when you smash together stages and enemies from two different Mega Man games? Watch the full playlists to find out!

Or, y’know, you could just watch a sample right here. But then you’d miss the dude on the pogo stick who shows up later. Did you hear me? POGO. STICK. Watch for it.

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