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ask-a-girl-lite-iosEveryone knows that girls are scary. Not only do they breathe fire and ice, but they have been known to roam the woods at night and wrestle gorillas. If you ever encounter a girl in the wild, do NOT approach her. Unless you know how to deal with girls, odds are that they will attack you with mind-bullets of pure anger.

I’m told that there is a company named Silver Dollar Games, which makes educational games that teach players how to deal with girls. These include Don’t Be Nervous Talking to Girls, Who Did I Date Last Night?, and Try Not to Fart. Silver Dollar publishes its games on Xbox, but the girl-talking phenomenon has made its way over to the iPad.

Today, GameCola staff writers Michael Gray and Joseph Martin bring you a video, starring three iPad games with the title Ask a Girl. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a girl something, this might be the place to learn how.

Now that you’ve seen the video, you should be able to ask a girl anything. You might want to put on a helmet first, though. Just in case.

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