GC Podcast #66: Podcasting Outside the Mainstream

GC Podcast #66: Podcasting Outside the Mainstream


This month, join Alex “Jeddy” Jedraszczak, Anna Bryniarski, Michael Gray, and Nathaniel Hoover as they talk about games that are outside the mainstream! We talk about games made by the staff, localization issues with the second Ace Attorney Investigations game, the original localization attempt for Mother… Wait, shouldn’t this be in a bullet list? But, then I can’t just list the cool stuff, I have to list things in order! Hold on, let me get my notes…

  • What’s the difference between Grand Theft Auto V and Animal Crossing?
  • No, really, we don’t know
  • When corporations have a merger, is it like the fusion dance in Dragon Ball Z?
  • Michael Gray isn’t writing anything this month!
  • The importance of translation and localization
  • Michael Gray has been working on a videogame!
  • So has Jeddy
  • Current legal issues with Sherlock Holmes and public domain
  • It’s pronounced “FAQ”
  • Watching Let’s Plays to steal recover lost passwords
  • The importance of box art
  • Box art Mega Man cosplay
  • Kickstarter bringing us games we actually want for once
  • Star Trek games
  • The return of the GameCola Topic Pile!

And, other stuff! It’s really the other stuff that makes you listen to the podcast, isn’t it? So, go get your listen on!

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