Q&AmeCola: Play One Game Forever

If you could only play ONE game for the rest of your life, what would YOU choose?

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Do you ever feel like your life is playing out like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? The same thing every day—Nothing new, nothing unique? What if your gaming life was like this? What if you had to choose just one game to play for the rest of your life? What game would this be? Would it be something you’re already familiar with, where at least you know what you’re getting into? Or, would it be something you’ve never played before, hoping you’ll strike gold? This is the question that Daniel Castro imposed on the staff this month.



Minecraft. Given the ability to run your own server, as well as add in plugins and even mod the game itself, you can very well make any game you want. The only limitation is your own imagination!

minecraft_chrono_trigger_kingdom_of_zeal_blocks The Kingom of Zeal

diana animal crossing

I know what you’re all thinking. You’re all thinking I’m going to pick Phoenix Wright, huh? Well, guess what! I’m more than a one-trick pony! Contrary to popular belief, I DO play other games. Admittedly not a lot of other games, but I do pick one up occasionally!

See, the problem with choosing Phoenix Wright (or any other game with a set storyline, for that matter) is that inevitably you’re going to run out of things to do. As such, if I were to play a game for the rest of my life, I either need a game with stunning gameplay that I’ll never get bored of, or a game that constantly grows and changes as time goes on. Taking these two criteria into account, I believe the game I would choose…is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There’s no shortage of things to do in that game and with new villagers moving in and out, the game is changing as you allow it to. Plus I mean, I already devote a good portion of my life to this game anyway, let’s be honest.
animal crossing zelda sword
Yeah…Animal Crossing for life…think how many Bells I’d get…

castro advanced wars 2
As much as I tried to come up with another answer, the Advance Wars series remains my top choice. Sheer simplicity and deep strategy are some of the reasons I’ve found myself glued to this game any time I dare to play “just one battle”, ending up as a gaming obsession that lasts for days, or even weeks. I’m sticking to Advance Wars 2 now, since I haven’t played the newer ones (which I’ve read are even better).

advanced wars red vs blue

While the game’s mechanics are simple enough for anyone to get into it, if offers so many variables that I could play this game forever and never be bored by it. I’ve played the campaign over and over, I never get bored of its challenges—I can create my own maps, and challenge my friends to play them. There are many other great games out there, but this is the one I consider the digital equivalent of chess: A beautifully crafted set of rules to pit your mind against a challenger.


nathaniel progress quest

I think I’d like to play house for the rest of my life; this whole being married and pretending I’m a responsible adult is working out well. Oh, you mean one videogame to play for the rest of my life? Like…there’s only one game I’m allowed to play, or one game I have to play continuously until I kick? If it’s the former, I’d have to find a loophole and come up with a game that’s essentially a game maker, thus granting me the ability to avoid answering this question with impunity. So we’ll assume it’s the latter, in which case the answer is Progress Quest. Any other game would grow stale and serve as a constant reminder of all the other games I’m not playing; Progress Quest, a lighthearted RPG that quite literally plays itself, could run silently in the background on my computer for all eternity without me needing to think about it. This would allow me to focus on eradicating smallpox, promoting women’s suffrage, and inventing the phonograph, all of which were on my to-do list before I discovered videogames. Then, whenever I wanted a break, I could check in on Progress Quest to marvel at all the +2 Festooned Goblets of Luminous Haberdashery my Level 876 Double Halfling Arcane Sommalier character had accumulated.


michael summer carnival 92

I would pick Summer Carnival ’92: Recca, because I don’t like that game in the slightest. If that was the only game I ever played, I would forswear videogames forever. It’d be a life without videogames for me! Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom! No more feeling bad because I have seven 3DS games still in their original packaging, begging me to play them.



anna the sims

I’ve always been able to pick and play The Sims no matter what. I would probably have to say that one. I’m a boring person, so if I could only choose one game, I’ll play a game where I can make sims have a life where they can at least play different games, even if I couldn’t. That is my existence, and it is sad.

all sims 2 packsThese are just all the Sims 2 expansion packs.


freedman gtav online

For me, the GTA series always had a long running appeal to me. The single player experiences have always been fun to replay again and again, espeically as they’ve added different ways to complete missions and meet milestones (time, efficiency, etc.). With GTA V, there’s just so much to do that I could easily spend a lot of time playing single player. But, I’d probably play GTA: Online for as long as the servers are up. They continue to pump out free expansion packs with new weapons, clothes, and missions. Plus, they have a content creator, so it’s somewhat like Little Big Planet with the endless content. As a new parent, it’s hard to get out. I use GTA to help stay in touch with my close friends.

I really enjoy playing online with friends, so assuming like Nathaniel that the question meant that I’d play a game until I croak, I’d like it to be GTA so I can at least speak with friend and family members while running over pedestrians.

gta online


jonas smarties meltdown

I hate these kinds of questions. Because, well, you’re just going to find yourself in that situation, right? Only one game for the reminder of your sorry excuse of a life?


I would probably pick a game I have never played before, so…I’m just going to close my eyes, run my finger across the spines of my PS2 games, and stop when I feel lucky.

OK, it landed on Smarties Meltdown. Yeah, let’s say that I’d play Smarties Meltdown for the remainder of my life if I could only play one game.

Smarties_MeltdownWe want YOU to play this horrible game, forever!


Have you selected a game that you’d like to play forever? Have a question you’d like answered in a future edition of “Q&AmeCola”? Let us know in the comments!

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