Your Top 10 Favorite Games: Geoff Osman

Geoff Osman's top 10 favorite videogames.

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GameCola fans and writers describe their favorite (and sometimes least favorite) games of all time.

Geoff Osman’s Top 10 Favorite Games

10. Perfect Dark (N64) – The great thing about Perfect Dark was the multiplayer. The reason I don’t have it as high as Goldeneye on the list however is because of the single player. Yes! Perfect Dark did have a much MUCH better multiplayer however, the single player I found rather weak. The plot was too generic and I only wanted to play it to get the extras in multiplayer.

9. Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64) – Why didn’t people like this game? I loved it!!! The pure potty humor and bad jokes were amazing! The graphics were top-notch 64 graphics a nd the game although short was great. I have yet to get tired of the single player just because of the fun and original story line. The multi could have used a little work, but hey, I didn’t buy this for the multi.

8. Shining Force 2 (SG) – This game was awesome. I did like the first one but this was the Shining force that I liked the most. For one reason it had cool characters. Slade the Ninja and Peter the Phoenix just to name two. Plus any character could be good in the game unlike other RPGs where no matter how many times you play it the same character will always suck if it sucked before. It used the same overview camera style RPG which is the now standard Shining Force series look. It’s an RPG with its own feel and that’s why I love it. I dream every night for the 4th to come out on GameCube or something.

7. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (NES) – If I had a choice to watch the movie or play the game I would choose the game. And that was a great movie too. The game is just fun. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want in the crazy toon world. From hit people with pies to punching them across whole hallways.

6. Goldeneye (N64) – I believe this was the pinnacle game for the Nintendo 64. Face the facts . . . Goldeneye saved the N64 and this is the reason why. The reason everyone loved this game was because of its genre. In 1997 if you were looking for a good first-person shooter there was only one place to go, the PC. There were not any games, or at least none of any importance, out on any system at this time. Then a beacon of hope arose from Rare itself. Goldeneye brought first-person shooters to the home console. This game was amazing! The single player missions were exciting and fun. It had the James Bond edge that everyone wanted in a game. The guns were cool and the graphics were great for what seemed to be a mediocre system at the time. Goldeneye led the way for many other games to come out on home systems but this was always the favorite because of its great single-player and really well done multi-player. Cheers to my all time favorite N64 game . .  . plus the bathroom level RULES!!!

ctsn5. Final Fantasy VII (PS) – This was the game that brought me, along with almost the rest of America, back to the world of Final Fantasy. I remember back in the day playing the original Final Fantasy and saying to myself, “This game stinks!” “It’s too hard!” That was then. Over the course of some years however I got older and realized that, yes the game was hard . . . for my age! So I decided to give Final Fantasy VII a go since it was new and looked really cool. I was hooked. I didn’t own a Playstation but that didn’t stop me. I went over friend’s houses and played it over and over. I have so far beaten the game 3 times and have yet to buy my own copy let alone a PSX. This is what got me to like the series again. Plus Vincent is the coolest guy ever created!

4. Chrono Trigger (SNES/PSX) – This game was, in my opinion, the greatest game Square has ever come up with. The story was so invigorating. The characters are both cool and humorous and damn the new anime cut scenes for it rock! I don’t know anyone who calls him or herself a gamer that has not played it. If you haven’t you’re missing out. Go and play it now. Don’t even bother reading the top 3! Just go and play it now. Well actually you might want to check out the next three anyway . . .

3. Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link (NES) – I think I was six when I got this game. It was cool and I just loved it compared to the first one. Now I know what your saying . . . “Geoff! You stupid idiot! The first one is a thousand times better than this side-scroller POS!” Well guess what! This is my top ten list. Not the people’s top ten! I personally didn’t like the whole overhead view and feel of the first. However this side-scroller was what got me. I loved this game! Not just because the story and everything about it but because of the gameplay. I have never played a game as long as I had this. And I don’t mean, played it and then lost it in the couch to find it again three years later and finished it, kinda game play…oh no! I mean I played this forever! I finally beat it when I was twelve years old. So for all of you that can’t count, I had the privilege of playing this game, and I do mean privilege, for six glorious years. If my Nintendo wasn’t to the point of needing some sort of life support, I’d still play it.

2. Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube) – What?!? How could he put such a new game so high on the list? Well, Let me just briefly tell you how obsessed I am with this game. My friend Dan and I have been wanting to play Melee even before it was going to be made. We loved the original so much that we needed something new for our melee needs. Finally the news came out. We had a party just for the release. We went to a GameCube convention in Philly just to play this game. We played it to the point that we were good with most of the regular characters three weeks before the game came out!!!! This game is the most fun multiplayer wanna kick ass game ever!!! Combined between my friend Dan and I, we have over 470 hours of play on this game. That’s at least around two straight weeks.

1. Breath of Fire 2 (SNES/GBA) – Ahhhh . . . good old BOF 2. Lets just give a little mention to BOF the original first. Yes, it was a long and enjoyable adventure, but the original game was a bit tedious with way-too-frequent random battles and a storyline that got a little too complex and political. This is where BOF 2 comes in. This game was great. It was long, the graphics were top for SNES RPGs, and god dammit! . . . did I mention the game was great. I have beaten this game eight times and I am still not bored with the game. Every time I play it, it’s a new experience. The character designs are beautiful and the backgrounds are filled with life. The story was deep and complex but kept you on your seat wanting you to just keep playing. I loved the whole idea of using creatures called shamans to join you and make you stronger. Not only that but it gave the ability to have a completely new look for your character. Sten and Bow I think were the best on that note. Breath of Fire 2 had a feeling that I didn’t experience with any of the others. Breath of Fire I thought was lame, BOF3 was ok but I was disappointed after playing 2, and I was so disappointed in 4 that I just stopped playing it all together. However I always think to myself about the BOF series and hoping that one day they will top Breath of Fire 2 for the SNES. Just about a year ago it did come true. They did make a better Breath of Fire game than Breath of Fire 2. It’s the Game Boy Advance version of Breath of Fire 2. Everything I didn’t like about the SNES one, which there wasn’t much, was improved. And in my opinion even the graphics are pumped up compared to the old. I just recently bought a Game Boy Advance . . . just for this amazing game. God Bless Capcom and their God-sent BOF II!

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