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Hey guys! Love your sweet web zine thing =D I dunno how I found your site but I subscribed and now I’m lovin’ it. One thing I would LOVE is for you to do a review on games that would be good to play with your significant other. I dunno if you’ve done this before or not, but I find it hard to find any reviews or articles on the subject that might jog my memory as to games that I havn’t played in forever, or just hidden gems that no one knows about =D Thanks in advance guys, you rawk hard =D

– CuddlyColin

THREE REVIEWS?! how can you publish a edition of the EPIC webazine Gamecola with only THREE reviews! I AM.. OUTRAGED

– Cheesi Nacho

Table of Contents

Whys that guy about to shoot me.

– Father Time

Dear Readers,

wow you did not invent leet speak, give us a break.

– Paulisaloser

Guest review of Halo 2 (January 2006)

Pretty good rebeiw Andrew. Yeah playing as the Elite does suck, but I’m wondereing about the new Halo game. Is the flood playable? (please say yes!) But yeah you had a good reveiw.

good revie, try to update a bit dude my cousin has a site that almost tripples this

Paul’s review of Chibi Robo!

For some reason this review seems oddly famaliar to me

– Unwind Fan

Be Careful What You Search For

Whys he have so many pubes

– Father Time

It’s based on a real life person? (Actually, if it is, I have to admit that that would really quite scare me >.<)

– Kevin Leacock

The Gates of Life

Is there anyone left besides Genericus and Enriquthen

– Father Time

Cheat Codes for Life

as far as my experience goes, third party memory cards are only $5 less than sony’s version. and they don’t work.

I’ve bought and used 3rd party memory cards for the PS1, PS2 and the GameCube and they’ve always worked fine.

– Steve Hamner

Some Mad Catz memory cards at least are officially licenced by Sony, from back in the day when PS2 came out and they didn’t make enough of their own memory cards. I still use the Mad Catz one I got then and it works just as well as any of the Sony ones I have. And even if the Mad Catz one did only cost $5 less, it came with its own carrying case. Priceless.


I have some really lame one that invovles switching out your game disk with this other disk before you play anything. It does work but its not really worth the hassle

– eregan

I don’t have a lot of experience with third party memory cards; but this one MadCatz N64 controller I have started falling apart as soon as I touched it.

– Paul

Captain Eric’s Super Thumb Feature Presentation

I really horribly rediculously need that dvd game.

– Father Time

Digital Championship Wrestling

The thing with Eccos done now, right?

– Father Time

The Sniffles thing is old now. I want to see Paul refer to himself by his nickname, Chuckles, from now on, instead.

– Communist Carl

Oh, and you mentioned Ecco not losing because his feet didn’t touch the floor (lame). What are your thoughts on Head being eliminated from the WWE vs ECW thing last night? They did that lame head and shoulders thing with him once before, (which is probably where you stole this lame Ecco idea) so why wouldn’t they have done it again?

– Communist Carl

Oh, and having head in the match, as well as the big show taking a WWE spot but being on ECWs team means that ECW had THREE more people in the match than WWE. Also, that popup when I submit a comment looks like an error message.

– Communist Carl

Player Two

CAD 0wns! Ctrl-Alt-Delete is a hot video game-themed webcomic.

– Steve Hamner

What about Secret of Mana Theater, eh? Don’t think it’s been updated in ages, but I swear it’s good stuff.

– Paul

…of the Month

You arsecunt! That title hurts my brain. Screw, like, just *MILES* of off!

– Kevin Leacock



– Eric Regan

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