How to Construct a Gaming Nest™

In light of the recent "Gamer Dies of Xbox/DVT" news story, I have had a lot of questions from people (one person) asking me for tips on how to construct a Gaming Nest™ that is both comfortable and

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In light of the recent “Gamer Dies of Xbox/DVT” news story, I have had a lot of questions from people (one person) asking me for tips on how to construct a Gaming Nest™ that is both comfortable and architecturally sound. As the creator, inventor, creative inventive director and all-round Gaming Nest™ building genius, I have decided to share my knowledge so that you too can create a comfortable environment matched only by the amniotic fluid of your mother’s uterus. By following this guide your nest is sure to make the Beijing National Stadium look like a piece of shit, and you’ll never get DVT no matter how long you play for. Guaranteed.*

You will need:

1 x Pair of loose fitting trousers/shorts (no jeans)
1 x Loose fitting t-shirt
1 x Blanket
1 x Slanket (buy it here:
All the pillows from your bed
2 x Console controllers
1 x TV Remote Control
1 x Sky Remote Control
1 x iPad (a laptop will do if you’re a peasant and don’t yet own an iPad)
1 x Mobile phone
1 x Landline phone
1 x Pint of juice
A variety of munchies
1 x Dog (preferably one that is a bit tired)

Begin by equipping your nesting outfit. Elasticity is key here—sweatpants, leggings, even Lycra if that’s your thing—for the love of God, just make sure it is flexible. I wore jeans once and after a solid eight hours of gaming I took them off to discover that I looked like a burn victim—and I’m pretty sure denim imprints hurt more than third-degree burns, so be warned.

Once you are appropriately attired, grab your blanket and slanket and bring them to the living room. Place the blanket directly onto the couch; this will form the foundation of your nest and provide you with a smooth surface to lie on. It also prevents chafage from the sofa cushions or, if you have a leather sofa, that moment when you have to peel your sweaty ass off the cushions post gaming session. Put the slanket to the side for now—we will return to this later. Next, go to your bedroom and remove all the pillows from your bed. These will function as a kind of scaffolding to keep you upright, so the more the merrier here. Return to the couch and place the cushions in whichever fashion you feel will be comfiest for you. Remember, every nest is as unique and individual as its owner so feel free to experiment with quantities, positioning and fabrics!

Now that we have the soft furnishings in place, it is time for the equipment. I usually begin by placing both console controllers within easy reach of the nest. You will need both just in case one runs out of battery—it is way easier to pick up a pre-charged controller than it is to get out of your nest and rake through the man-drawer trying to find a pair of batteries. Once that is sorted it is time to move on to remote controls. First you will need the TV remote to switch inputs on those rare occasions you need a break (if you’re a pussy, for example), and then you will need your Sky remote to change channels/volume, etc. I usually keep them at my side in case something crazy happens, like Amy Winehouse dying, and I want to watch the repetitive, mental-illness inducing coverage on BBC News 24 whilst saying things like “Yeah, I’m shocked…but I’m not really surprised, you know?”

Next on the list is communication. Place all your communication devices in a row, again within reaching distance of the nest. You will need your iPad/laptop within viewing distance and permanently open on the BBC News website or Facebook for maximum gossip exposure. You will also need your mobile in case someone phones you or you want to phone your sister and say “Oh my God, did you hear Amy Winehouse died? Totally fucked up! Yeah, I know…shocked…but not really surprised…totally…yeah, inevitable…such a good voice though…yeah I agree…wasted talent. No way, we got our periods at the same time AGAIN?? Freaky! OK, bye!” Next you will need your house phone in case your mum—literally the only person to call your landline since the late nineties—phones and says “Amy Winehouse? Yeah, that bitch could never hold her drugs.” With all these links to friends, family and current events at your fingertips, no one can ever accuse you of ignorance as a result of prolonged gaming.

You can even keep up to date with the weather that you will never see.
According to this guy, it’s raining here right now.

Probably one of the more important elements of the Gaming Nest™ is the inclusion of sustenance in its design. It is essential that you are kept hydrated and energised when completing the challenging tasks that videogames tend to throw at you—defeating dragons, shooting Nazis in the face, blowing up spaceships, and having gay sex with Anders from Dragon Age II are all physically demanding activities that require both focus and stamina. I recommend you fill a pint glass with your favourite juice (no alcohol, it will only distract you from the task at hand)—I tend to go for some sort of orange cordial because it is high in water and flavour. I would avoid fizzy shit like Coke or Irn Bru because it’s fattening and we don’t want to get fat. We are athletes. We all know that gaming is hungry work, though, so make sure you have some munchies next to your juice. A good tip would be to choose things that only require one hand to eat—I usually go for popcorn or grapes but you can choose whatever you like. Use your imagination!

N.B. At this stage it is essential that you go for a piss. I don’t care if you don’t need one, you must stand in that bathroom until you feel something stirring and don’t come out until you are completely empty.

Finally, it is time. Switch on your console, grab that slanket we put aside earlier, and climb into your brand-new Gaming Nest™. The slanket comes with sleeves (hence the name), so it is possible to cover yourself right up to your chin whilst still having your hands free to hold that all-important controller. Get hold of your sleepy dog and place him firmly in the space between your knees—not only will he provide you with a permanent heat source but he will also be someone to pet and talk to, a therapeutic friend during those times when that alien-boss just won’t fucking die.

So what are we waiting for, friends? Let’s get gaming!


*Note: GameCola does not actually guarantee this.

[Article reprinted from Jillian Dingwall’s blog.]

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  1. Why would you choose the Slanket over the Snuggie? Why have any type of sleaved blanket? I guess it’s 100+ degrees F here in USA, so warmth isn’t a concern right now.

    How do you take on your need to piss? Does your couch also function as a toilet?

  2. Those are some quality questions my friend.

    -I chose the slanket over the snuggie because ‘slanket’ is
    substantially less of a shit name than ‘snuggie’.
    -I’m in Scotland and Scottish people can’t have enough blankets. It’s
    cold even in August 🙁 Swapsies?
    -I have a sleeved blanket because it allows me to hold the controller
    without disturbing the feeling of being entirely blanketed, it also
    has a handy pocket in the front for keeping lip balm, dog treats,
    floss and a photo of my favourite darts player.
    -Unfortunately I have not yet figured out a way to take on my need to
    piss without leaving the nest (other than buying a she-wee and a large
    bottle….or just pissing myself – although, I would have to leave the
    nest to let my dog out for a pee anyway. Damn you, urine!!!).

    Hope I have been of some help. Happy nesting!

  3. Thank you for your aid.
    I do own a snuggie, but never felt the need to be fully wrapped as shown in your picture. Snuggies aren’t particuarly comfortable for me. Perhaps this Slanket is more comfy?

    If anything, snuggie is too constricting. I think though that with a chill of some sort, at least covering oneself up to the waist is best. I also generally prefer coldness, and I’m not just saying that becuase of the heat.

    I wonder.. does “darts” have the same meaning to us both? You speak of darts players as if they are like baseball, football (aka Soccer), of football (aka Futbol Americano) stars, ehh?

  4. Haha! 😀
    Oh yes, we speak of the same beautiful athletes. Give me a darts player over a football player any day – much lower maintenance. They are specimens of men! So much excess skin, so little time.

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